What Are The Best Bumper Plates Today? Ultimate Guide

I see you’ve finally decided to pick out the best bumper plates in the market. Well, let me lend a hand. Purchasing sets like these aren’t the same with choosing your next shirt – it takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve researched for a good eight hours on the internet to help you out.

What Are Bumper Plates?

what are bumper plates

The best bumper plates are ideal for when you’re carrying up heavy lifts. It gives you the edge for keeping your floor clean and maintained along with your weights.

Bumper plates are the way to go to preserve your home gym. It gives off a far different experience than when using unprotected metal plates.

You can actually refer them as Olympic weightlifting plates. These plates are available in either kilograms or pounds – whichever you are most comfortable with.

They normally are in the same categories as the typical powerlifting plates. As for bumpers used in competition, this can be determined by their color and weight.

Go for Bumper Plates or Steel Plates?

what are steel plates

So, you’re confused on what to get. Well, it actually depends on what your budget is. If you’re REALLY low on budget, then you should go for steel weights.

Generally, they’re known to be cheaper than bumper plates. But it comes with a reason. Although they’re only at 70% of what bumper plates are, they cost you your floor gym and equipment.

If your main concern is putting in efficiency first, the bumpers are the best choice. If you're into weightlifting competitions and shows, they offer enough strength to get you started.

What’s Urethane Coated Steel Weights?

Urethane Coated Steel Weights

Tell you what, they also make an awesome partner in crime of building up strength. As a matter of fact, you can mostly find them at box gyms. Here's the thing, they don't make any sound when they're dropped.

And of course, aesthetic wise, they come in with a more professional design. To top it all off, it gives you a swift experience as well.

Be aware though, they’re a bit pricey compared to the steel plates due to Urethane. On the bright side, their price tag is cheaper than the bumpers as you can’t overhead drop them.

The best bumper plate in general make really good plates for transportation. It gives you the security of being in place.

Let’s Talk About Standard Black Bumpers

standard black bumpers

Black bumpers as a whole don't really give much of a difference. If anything, they all look similar without much variation.

When discussing brands, there aren't much of changes. You'll even be surprised how there are other which are from the exact same makers.

But there’s always an exception to the rule. In this case, it’s HI-Temps. These plates follow a certain standard from IWF. In particular, it’s the 40 mm diameter rule with 50 mm inserts.

As for Hi-Temps, it’s at 444 mm. By the way, never purchase plates which are being made out of brass or bronze. It’s not going to go up well against the battle of time.

1. Hi-Temp Bumpers

These plates are being manufactured in the USA. Honestly, these are a pretty wise choice as it offers an affordable price. It's ideal for garage gym owners. The only downside is that it's thicker than what you can find in the market.

2. Fringesport OFW bumper plates

If you’re into choosing black bumpers, this is the way to go. Just like with Hi-Temp, it comes with a decent price as well. Only this one has some fun colors and types to choose from.

You'll notice its hooked steel insert. It does a neat job of creating a border between the plates and the rubber disc. In addition, it delivers a rubber insertion to decrease the chances of bending plates.

We would really recommend this product for people who doesn’t want to break the bank and enjoy free shipping services.

3. ​Rogue HG bumpers

Now, you might have to spend additional expenses for Rogue HG bumpers. Well, you can’t blame them. It comes with a thinner design when you’re going sit it beside Hi-Temp Bumpers.

But I’m pretty sure you’re going to love its 3-year warranty. While it’s only applicable to plates which are beyond the point of 25 pounds, the free shipping takes the cake away.

4. American Barbell Shield bumpers

If you want to keep up with the times, you’re going to love its modern look. In fact, these are a bit stylish, which is a good thing.

These have solid advantages as well.

It’s surprising to know that they offer other color combinations. You can freely check them out, too. Their 10-pound bumpers are pretty solid. In fact, they last more than most bumpers.

Top 5 Best Bumper Plates To Look At

1. Troy VTX 350lb Colored Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates Weight Bar

Troy VTX 350lb Colored Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates Weight Bar

If you're looking for rubber bumper plates which combine both quality and value, Troy VTX could be the one you’re searching for.

Before anything else, this offers a 1-year warranty against breakage to give you a boost in confidence. Although the price might not be what you expected it to be, it’s actually a cost-effective buy.

The package lets you enjoy 6 pairs of plates. Looking at its availability, it’s at 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 25 pounds, 35 pounds, and two good sets of 45 pounds.

It gives you a GOB-86B Bar 7' 45lb Black Oxide Bar in order to provide you some serious training session. Also, you can count on its 30mm Diameter, 600-pound statical test bar. Of course, it’s with center knurling.

Due to its smart design of bronze bushings, it lets you have swift roll action that offers the same experience as Olympic Lifts. Impressively, it' the company's bestselling for a straight five-year run.

You’ll find these bumpers to have an incorporated solid steel inserts. This is to ensure protective measures for the equipment.

You can never expect less from Troy as one of their objectives is to offers an easier loading and removal of plates to avoid accidents.

These plates are durable and rugged. It’s been made in a way to compete with other brands as it meets most of the plate standards.


  • 6 Pairs of Plates
  • High in Quality
  • Easy Removals and Loading
  • Protective Measures


  • Price might not be affordable

2. Ultra-Durable Bumper Plates Set

Ultra-Durable Bumper Plates Set

Let’s talk about the company behind this first. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ve probably heard of One Fit Wonder. The company has been creating bumper plates for years.

Connectively, they’re known to offer the lowest price with the best durability in the market. Along with coming up with great offers on warranty and performance.

What everyone is getting hyped for is its affordability, it doesn’t break the bank while it still pinpoints to accuracy. The makers have made sure to measure it within the stated ten grams.

Comparing it to the other brands in the market, most of them get within 3%. There’s a high probability that their 45lbs plate is two pounds lesser than what it claims to be.

As for the area of durability, this doesn't bend, crack and break. The plates have been created with an iron-clad no-taco guarantee.

These babies have the warranty of 12 months. Looking at the others, they only come in at 90 days. It means it lets you enjoy CrossFit as much as you want.

Another feature to look at is its fits all quality barbells. Measuring it up, it can be at 2" diameter. Overall, it's a high-density rubber which takes the cake away.


  • Dead Bounce Bumpers
  • Affordable Price
  • High-Density Rubber
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Initial Smell’s Strong

3. Rubber Bumper Plate Black 5 Pair Set

Rubber Bumper Plate Black 5 Pair Set

The set looks pretty fine, all of them regardless of the weight, are of the same diameter. Including 10 and 15 pounds.

It's still in the range of budget, though we'd prefer Ultra-Durable Bumper Plates Set to better in the price department. On the bright side, they are made of quality rubber.

Upon closer inspection, you'll instantly notice that it's far from a stiff plastic which most low-end plates utilize. It's a 260-pound bumper plate, and it's great for exploring in the "sandwich" kind of type.

In order to get a better grip of the plates, ten and fifteen pounds should be in the middle. In this way, it saves you from experiencing any mishaps or breaks.

Ader Sporting Goods also added in a bumper plate rack. This gives you an easier time for storage and cleanup. In addition, it greatly reduces noise for moving. And lastly, it’s conveniently gentle on both equipment and floors.


  • 5 pair BLACK bumper plate
  • Easy Storage
  • Quality Rubber


  • Prone to bending

4. Rep Bumper Plates for CrossFit Workouts and Weightlifting

Rep Bumper Plates for CrossFit Workouts and Weightlifting

If you’re looking for a bumper plate which is built to offer solid craftsmanship, this could be it. We’ve seen a lot of bumper plates in the long hours of research, but this one is especially attractive.

Not to mention, it’s geared for durability. It comes in with steel inserts along with hooks. These features have been molded right into place. This has led these plates to have a higher chance of keeping the steel as where it is.

The plates have been made extra thick. This is especially the case for the company's 10-pound plates. Due to this, it demolishes the possibility of it bending.

You're given a thinner 45-pound plate. When it has been loaded up, it can go to a 515-pound standard Olympic bar. Another thing to look at is its low bounce feature, you don’t have to go through the trouble of playing catch with your bar.

Before this has been released in the market, the makers have tested it thoroughly. It’s able to endure at least 15,000 drops. The height it’s being dropped from is no laughing matter, it’s tested at 8ft.

Unlike Troy VTX 350lb, its rubber doesn't have an annoying odor. It has been made with a special rubber by Rep Bumper. And of course, you can count on its warranties to make you feel safe and secured.


  • Special Rubber
  • No Odor
  • Highly Durable
  • Low Bounce


  • No set with 25 and 35 plates

5. Troy VTX 230lb Colored Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates Weight Set for Crossfit

Troy VTX 230lb Colored Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates Weight Set for Crossfit

These are great rubber plates with a decent price tag. You’re a getting a neat deal as it comes with two 45 red plates, two 35 pound red plates, two 35 pound blue plates, two 25 pound yellow plates, and lastly, you’re being given two ten pound green plates.

All of these sets that are paired up are made with solid rubber construction. It gives you the edge of being able to use these plates for years without having the worry of any breaks and bends.

In the package, like any other good sets, it comes in with solid steel inserts. It doesn't only aid in protecting the equipment, but it also gives you a faster time of loading and getting the plates out.

Just like with its other – more expensive – counterpart, these have been engineered to meet the demands of durability. The plates are rugged and have met the plate standards.


  • Steel Inserts
  • Decent Price
  • Great Quality
  • Longevity


  • Spring collars have the tendency to slide

Confused? Here’s What We Recommend!

The winner always comes in first, so you have guessed it. It’s Troy VTX 350lb Colored Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates Weight Bar! The reason why it’s the winner of this round is because it’s simply cost-effective.

It’s an ideal investment for beginners as it is going to last a lifetime. It offers a wide a variety of weights, too. You get the most out of your training more than anything else.

There’s no foul smell which you have to tolerate just like with Ultra-Durable Bumper Plates Set. And although Troy VTX 230lb comes in with the same brand, this one particularly offers more than what its counterpart does. By far, this is the best bumper plates to get!


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