What’s The Best CrossFit Gloves Today? Ultimate Guide

Crossfitters are spreading at an incredible rate. These days CrossFit is one hell of a hobby that encourages people to endure and keep on fighting. While it’s an inspiration to the world, getting your hands bruised isn’t.

If you’re serious about your new career, and you don’t want to get badly beat up, the best CrossFit gloves will let you stay in tip top condition.

5 Best CrossFit Gloves In The Market

The Advantages of Wearing The Best CrossFit Gloves

the advantages of wearing the best crossfit gloves

It doesn’t matter what exercises you’re doing – deadlifts or plate raises – wearing one will make your experience better. Only using your unprotected hands to execute these exercises will affect your execution negatively.

There are other workout regimes that are harder to get around than most. But you can keep your game up by wearing the best CrossFit Gloves. These babies are wonderful, they let you have a proper grip and wrist support. In addition, its padding makes the entire workout session a breeze.

Here are the benefits you’ll get by wearing them:

Prevents Blisters

Your training is harsh to the skin due to friction – do you think to do pull ups and triceps dips are just going to build your muscle without any setback to your hands?

In the long run, after consequential workout sessions, it’ll lead you to develop blisters. Now, if you’ve had them before, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to experience it ever again.

As much as possible, throughout your CrossFit career, you should stay away from them as it’ll ruin your workout schedule if you do.

You need to wait for a considerable amount of time until the pus or blood will go away on its own. It’s a whole three to 7 days of waiting, and that’s wasting your productivity.

Better Grip

It doesn’t matter if you have sweaty hands or not, but despite your genetics, your hands are most likely to perspire. Since CrossFit demands attention, having slippery – or wet – hands are dangerous.

There’s a huge chance of dropping your weights during your workout sessions. While it would be nice if it would just land on the floor, but there are over-the-head exercises that would lead to a nasty result if you ever do drop them.

You can prevent these unsightly events to happen by wearing the best CrossFit gloves as they keep your training in check.

Wrist Support

crossfit gloves with wrist support

Owning the best CrossFit gloves would mean that both of your thumb and wrists are well-supported. Most popular exercises would lead you to have a strain injury for the aftermath.

In addition, you could have a fractured joint, sprains, and broken wrists. Wearing gloves would prevent these from happening.

Decreases Pressure

waering gloves decrease pressure

If you have found yourself a pair of gloves that’s a perfect fit for you, it’ll get you to have the appropriate position and will reduce pressure.

At our fitness center, we’re always giving it our all. Pushing ourselves to the limit, if you will. So it’s only natural to feel a burning sensation once we have used too much effort in our workouts.

This would eventually lead us to stop the exercise or cutting it short. As what you’ve expected, wearing gloves would allow you to do more reps flawlessly.

Germs And Dirt Protection

preventing any contact with dirt and germs

Just like what the other types of gloves do, they help in preventing any contact with dirt and germs. There are a lot of people at the gym, and with that being said, the equipment you’re using have been abused by many other as well.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, using a glove to your workouts would decrease the population of the germs. At the same time, you’ll be spared from any spreading diseases at the center.

What To Look For In The Best CrossFit Gloves?

look for best crossfit gloves

1. Awesome Grip

CrossFitters often execute heavy calisthenics and weights. Now, this could be dangerous if you don’t have the proper protection for your hands. You may be prone to accidents if they were to slip away from your hold.

2. Durable

Investing in a pair of gloves means you’re investing in your fitness. The last thing you want to see is your gloves breaking it off after a couple of sessions. Ideally, it should have the capability of enduring the wear and time of time.

Although you might be asked to spend a little more for durable gloves, you’ll be able to save more in the long run.

3. Comfortable

Just because the gloves look good, doesn’t mean that it’s comfortable. The recommended gloves should be light and easy to wear. It shouldn’t cause you any unnecessary concerns like sweat and its removal process.

Also, flexibility is important. There are gloves which restricts your hand movements, as much as possible, stay away from them. You’ll only regret it.

4. Wrist Support

Wrists are mostly abused when you’re performing an exercise. It’s the duty of the gloves to save you from experiencing pain from accidents. A wrist support is important to keep you safe and uninjured.

The Best CrossFit Gloves Reviews

Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support for WODs

Let’s start the party with a product from Mava Sports. This comes in and sweeps you with its extra leather and silicone padding. You don’t have to worry about calluses developing, this has you covered with its technology.

You’re going to like is materials – the makers have made this one extra special with neoprene and its split leather. It’s a high-quality cross training glove that offers comfort.

It wouldn’t be a complete product without its integrated wrist wraps, right? This is meant to impress both men and women. If you’re into weightlifting, then you’re going to have a blast with its superior support system.

This is where the extra silicone layer comes into play. It has been made to strategically cultivate your performance by upgrading your experience.

It promotes a better grip when you’re doing your daily regime. To top it all off, this has been created with Velcro closure straps. You can easily adjust as you will.


  • It has been designed and shaped to prevent injuries
  • This carries an open and breathable design
  • Wrist wraps are adjustable for your comfort
  • Full palm protection for a callus-free experience
  • Anti-sweat neoprene material for a stronger grip


  • Silicone paddings are prone to breaking
Weightlifting Gloves for Crossfit Workout Training By Crown Gear

This boasts a relatively awesome “Soldier” style for its design. Just like what you expect a military glove to be, this is capable of handling any rigorous workouts.

It has been made with only the best of materials so that your protection is highlighted. It doesn’t limit your movements at all, which is a great leap from the other ones in the market.

In addition, it comes in with a knuckle and side protectors. It completely has your hands covered, there’s no area where your hands are exposed to the weights and equipment.

For the grip, Crown Gear decided to use a gel print. You can freely execute any exercise that’s part of your regimen. Just like with the best one, this also has a full wrist wrap for you. It carries a new generation Velcro to keep up the game.

This has been designed for a comfortable fit, it’s also adjustable so you’ll get a personalized experience each time.


  • It’s easy to remove from hands and put on
  • Designed to comfortably fit your hands
  • Ideal gloves for pros and newbies
  • Built to last with its high-quality materials
  • Delivers knuckle and side protectors


  • The gloves retain a lot of sweat
Weight Lifting Gloves for a Strong Grip-by Mava

Alright, so we have another product that’s coming from Mava. This has a lot of impressive features to boot, it comes in with a leather and silicone padding.

Just like with the first product on the list, it has been designed with art and functionality in mind. The materials used are neoprene and split leather.

In addition, this has a special extra of a silicone layer so that the padding is being kept at bay. The gloves have been made for men and women, it’ll give you a good run at your training grounds with its wrist wraps. Not wanting to let their clients down, it delivers superior support.

If you’re a person who’s into rope climbing, deadlifts, weights, kettlebells, pull ups, and many other active exercises, you’ll find productivity with these gloves.

Since comfort is an important part of the entire package, it uses engineered Velcro closure straps. It gives you the benefit of being comfortable every workout.


  • Ideal gloves for most exercises
  • Delivers a full palm protection
  • Specially designed silicone padding
  • Wrist support adjustable for comfort
  • Additional silicon for better experience


  • Padding is quite thin, not recommended for heavy lifts
Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips and Gymnastics Grips

This baby has been made by the best so that it can be used by the best as well. It has been designed with an awesome custom wrist strap. The reason why is because it’ll give you an edge in any workout game every day.

It comes in with genuine leather, it’s built to last. At the same time, it has been appropriately positioned under the buckle.

The best part is that it’s been created with a design that does not dig into your wrist. Honestly, it’s a revolutionary product that has stepped its game up compared to its competitors.

Looking at it closely, you’re given two options. You can either get the 2 or the 3 hole finger choices. The makers have made sure that you’re well-protected.

This is an ideal glove for doing pull ups, muscle ups, knees to elbow, and so much more. It does not promote slipping as well.


  • Carries a durable triple stitching
  • Offers superior leather that helps reduce slipping
  • Made of genuine leather for durability
  • Accurately positioned under the buckle
  • Gloves do not dig into your wrist


  • Finger holes may be too tight, it leaves marks on fingers
Weightlifting Gloves for Gym Fitness Bodybuilding

This will impress you with its genuine leather. On the list, has the softest texture. But it doesn’t mean that it’s vulnerable – as a matter of fact, it’s pretty decent. But it’ll mostly depend on your training regime.

Compared to the average brands in the market, this greatly enhances your grip. It means you’ll be able to maximize your time at the gym.

Basically speaking, it’s possible to lift heavier weights, and beating your last personal record is doable. There will be more reps accomplished for every exercise.

If you tend to have sweaty hands, this will be in your favor. You’ll see a huge gap between this gem right here and the other gloves you’ve used before.

The fabric has a 4-way stretch technology. It means that it gives you a good time at pulling the gloves off and putting it back on. Moreover, this has your fronts covered to prevent any unwanted blistering and callouses.


  • Carries a durable stitching process for better grips
  • Offers multi-directional stretching for an easy change
  • Significantly helps you to move beyond grip limit
  • Pads have been strategically placed for comfort


  • Gloves may fall off easily if training regime is hardcore

Announcing The Winner: The Best CrossFit Gloves

Finally, we’re finally at the end of our roundup. We’re being faced with 5 of the best gloves we’ve encountered, but Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support for WODs is the best on the list.

The reason why is because its cons are understandable compared to the rest. While it’s true that its Silicone paddings are sensitive, but if it’s properly taken care of, you’ll be able to prolong its life.

We just love the fact that it comes in with a breathable design, this has always been an issue for people with sweaty hands. Not to mention that it’s been designed with Anti-sweat neoprene material for an added boost.

This product has been geared to the idea of premium performance and comfort. Overall, it’s one of the best gloves in the market today.


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