The Best Proform Elliptical Reviews Today-Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best Elliptical machine? Well, you have to find the best Elliptical brand in the market. The good news is that we’ve reviewed it coming from ProForm.

They have been in business since the 1980’s, only proving time and time again they’re one of the best companies to date. Here’s Proform Elliptical Reviews to help you out.

5 Best Proform Elliptical Reviews In The Market Today

Benefits of an Elliptical Machine

benefits of an elliptical machine

Since we’re going to talk about this type of machine, it’s only natural to let you know what the advantages of getting one are.

Now, elliptical machines are pretty useful as it works a lot of your body parts. It makes you lose weight while strengthening your muscles – so yes, it’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Here’s are things you need to know about it and more!

Healthier You

healthier you

The thing about these machines is that it greatly boosts your cardiovascular health. It lets you perform difficult household tasks like shoveling snow and mowing like it’s nothing. You won’t get tired easily.

Also, it pumps up your heart rate which is always a good thing. Don’t worry, you won’t be experiencing any negative impacts coming from your joints – lesser chances of experiencing injuries.

Of course, it burns calories and kills off fat. It targets your legs, arms, back, chest, and shoulders by following the simple movement. Since it hits a number of body parts all at once, you don’t have to strain yourself into working longer hours.

One of the reasons why it has become a popular machine in the industry over the years is because it’s a safer and better workout for legs than running.

As you can see, both of your feet is being nicely supported by the foot pedals. You aren’t pounding on a hard surface – the same feeling you get when walking on a pavement.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand how it works. You don’t have to take any special training just to get used to it. The machines do the work for you. In this case, it orchestrates the movements.

There’s not much of a coordination required in order to get the arms and pedals up and running. In addition, they can be easily adjusted. You can choose your own resistance settings and tweak the intensity of your program.

Since we’re in the age of great innovation, machines have now pre-set programs which you can use. You’ll be able to keep track on the time at the same time the calories you have burned.

It’s Portable

In our Proform Elliptical Reviews, you’ll find machines which are easy to move around. At the same, it doesn’t take much space. These aren’t the same ones you can find in gyms and fitness centers.

Those are just bulky and heavy – considering they have a lot of bells and whistles to get by. Thanks to innovation, there are now machines which are easy to transport and can be placed in a corner.

Choosing The Right Model For You

  1. Ergonomics

    You need to be comfortable using the elliptical, this is especially so since your movements are being limited. Ideally, your posture should be kept upright when you’re dealing with the handles.

    These handles should be easy to access. Don’t purchase a machine which forces your wrist to be in an uncomfortable situation. Also, the closer the pedals, the better it is for your comfort.
  2. High-Tech Features

    In our Proform Elliptical Reviews, these machines are high-tech. These days, it would be terrible to own an elliptical without any workout tracking and built-in exercise programs.

    The best ones give you an access to videos and entertainment platforms. There are browsers and Bluetooth connects available in the market.
  3. Safety Features

    Safety features are always important, especially if you have kids running around your home. It’s possible that they might get pinched or trapped in the parts.
  4. Warranty

    Of course, the warranty. No matter how cool the features are, if the warranty is not good, it’s going to be a problem. Ideally, when you’re looking for the best elliptical warranty coverage, it should be at least three to seven years.

    As for the labor, one year is enough coverage. There are really good ones which offer a lifetime warranty for the frame.
  5. Try Before You Buy

    If possible, you should try it firsthand. There’s no better way than testing it out for yourself. It gives you the answer if the style, functionality, and design are for you.

    But if you’re unable to try it in person, read reviews before making any purchase. An in-depth research from a credible source always helps.

5 Best Proform Elliptical Reviews Today:

ProForm Smart Strider 935 Elliptical Trainer

Via Amazon

Let’s get down to business while we start kicking with an easy to assemble Smart Strider. This doesn’t give you any hard time trying to figure out which goes where. Instructions are easy to understand.

In addition, this comes in with a useful 7" Full-Color Touch Display, which looks beautiful. It also lets you enjoy music while working out as this one is iPod Compatible.

Another prominent feature to love is its quick touch handles. It’s pretty convenient if you want to have a quick and smooth experience. This lets you have the benefit of having 30 workout apps to choose from.

Also, it won’t be a complete set without a power adjustable incline, too. It has 24 Digital Resistance Level, which really improves your workout session. There’s a workout fan so you exercise coolly, and its EKG Grip Pulse lets your monitor your system as you work out.

Putting it together with its nifty add-ons like its water bottle holder and neat capacity to handle weight, it makes a good deal.


  • Commercial Steel Frame makes the product look premium.
  • It comes with a great web browser for a convenient time.
  • One of the easiest machines to assemble today.
  • Two-speed fan to improve your workout efficiency.


  • It’s quite noisy as this product tends to wobbles.
  • This only has a light drive at only 18 pounds.
  • This isn’t easy to store despite claiming to be a Space Saver.
ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer

Via Amazon

Another fantastic product from ProForm. This has a power adjustable incline so you can customize is to which you find most fitting. Its 5-inch backlit display looks wonderful.

This baby has been designed as iFit Compatible, which really takes innovation to a whole new level. This is also compatible with your iPod for audio, this gives you an extra push for motivational quality music.

As for the applications, this might be lower than 935 with 22 workout apps. But it doesn’t make it any less of a machine, its SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance takes the cake away.

You’re given 20 Digital Resistance level and an awesome workout fan as well. Its upper-body grips have been designed to be soft-touch.

Its flywheel has been enhanced by the company. It’s at 18 pounds. Also, the pedals are oversized, which makes it geared for comfort. Lastly, it’ll only take a couple of minutes to have everything in working condition.


  • It has rear drive making it the easiest for balance.
  • Offers a quick and easy assembly.
  • Water bottle holder for hydration purposes.
  • It has an automated ramped at 10 degrees.


  • This doesn’t have a wireless heart receiver.
  • It takes a lot of effort to move and fold.
  • Not ideal for tall people due to 18” stride.
ProForm Smart Strider 495 CSE Elliptical

Via Amazon

For starters, this has an 18-inch stride length, just like the other products on the list. Of course, it won’t be from ProForm is this doesn’t have soft grips for the upper-body workout arms.

The pedals have been made great. It’s oversized and adjustable, but if there’s anything to look forward to is its cushioned pedals. It makes the experience comfortable.

It has lighter pound for its inertia-enhanced flywheel at only 13 pounds. Its resistance levels are pretty much decent, coming up at 18 levels.

495 has been made with an awesome vertical space saver design so it doesn’t take up much room. Now, if you’re the type who wants to bring their tablets during workout session, its tablet holder comes in handy.

Correspondingly, this series is also iPod-compatible audio so you can have a great time while breaking up some sweat. The wheels have been mounted for an easy transportation.


  • It improves cardio endurance by supporting low-impact workouts.
  • Commercial-grade steel frame which is able to handle up to 275 pounds.
  • It has iFit Coach Installed for a better fitness support feature.
  • Folding frame makes it easy for storage


  • Pedals aren’t cushioned.
  • There’s no cooling fan for workouts.
  • Warranty is short for the parts.
  • It doesn’t have any incline feature.
ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical Trainer

Via Amazon

To start it off, this comes in with 18 workout applications. This delivers 18 resistance levels, which is pretty nice. You’re given a convenient EKG Grip Pulse to keep track of everything.

This has a 15 pound inertia-enhanced flywheel. This also boasts a soft-touch upper-body grip, it only makes the entire package more than worth buying. Of course, there’s a neat water bottle holder as well.

It has a 20” adjustable stride, which have made this particular model a must-try. This doesn’t back down with its 20-degree adjustable incline as well. Its 5” Backlit Display is awesome, it gives off an advanced kind-of vibe.

If you want to bring your gadgets along with your session, then its integrated tablet holder will be of great use. This also has a silent magnetic resistance which is ideal for any home.

Moreover, this has been made iFit compatible. Although you’re going to be asked with an iFit wireless module. One of the greatest things about it is that it has a USB charging station.


  • This offers calorie workouts to hit your goal.
  • High-quality exterior makes it built to last.
  • Tablet Holder for your entertainment.
  • Offers more natural striding experience.


  • It does not offer a wireless plus receiver.
  • Lacks cooling fan for workouts.
  • Delivers light resistance.
ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer

Via Amazon

If you want to take step from being average to awesome, then this model is going to take into a whole new perspective. Showing you a whole new world, its full color 10” touch screen is something to look at.

Honestly, when talking about advanced technology, this baby surely has a lot to flaunt. Giving off solid mechanics, it’s a great deal to get.

Without a missing a beat, this has been iFit enabled. You can also enjoy its 0-20 degree incline ramp if you want to make the pace a bit more challenging. Do you want to use it right away? Feel free to take it for a try right out of the box.

Impressively, this has 35 workout applications (highest number among the list.) Let’s not forget about its integrated tablet holder as well – it’s a classic.

Taking you to a whole new era of technology, this has an EKG grip pulse that comes in with a wireless chest strap.


  • It only take three easy steps to assemble
  • This comes in with a heavy drive at 32 pounds
  • High number of workout applications (32)
  • High weight capacity at 375 pounds


  • Expensive price tag
  • Strides aren’t comfortable for tall people

Proform Elliptical Reviews: Who Won?

Finally – have reached a winner on our review. Hands down, I have to give the award to ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer! Here’s what makes it purely awesome.

For starters, it has the most advanced features than any of the models on the list. It doesn’t have the regular 5” backlit display, this baby has its own FULL-COLOR display.

Also, when scrolling through the fitness apps, this offers more choices than the rest of the products. While others are only sporting from 20-30 applications, this has 35 options to choose from.

In addition, the drive is pretty awesome. Instead of having a low-number drive, this offers a great one at 32 pounds. Putting it all together with having the highest weight capacity, this takes home the bacon.


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