Finding The Best Weight Bench: All You Need to Know

I know you’re trying to bust out some pretty awesome workouts. However, you’re unable to train your muscles properly without the best weight bench. To save you from your dilemma, I took the liberty of researching weight bench reviews for you. You may check them out and find the weight bench for you!

Quick Review 5 Best Weight Bench :

Don’t Get Too Excited!

bodybuilder using weigth bench

It’s always important to have everything settled. There are a lot of companies which claims to be the “best” in the field.

However, they are all lip service. You don’t need to have the best, all you need to do is fight what’s right for you. Here are some things you have to consider before spending on anything:

1. Consider The Number Of Positions

In the market, there are a number of weight benches intended for different positions. For some, they might be able to carry up to several, while the others can handle up to more than a dozen.

Knowing what your exercise program is will help you pinpoint on your ideal weight bench feature. However, the more positions it can perform, the better it is. Just to be on the safe side.

2. What About Decline Angles?

your preferred training program

Unfortunately, not a lot of bench are able to give you decline workouts. There’s always the option of purchasing a separate one, but it’s going to add more to the expenses.

Going back to your preferred training program, if you plan on targeting your lower chest on your workouts, it would be advisable to get a weight bench which offers decline position.

3. How Heavy Can You Go?

the total accumulated weight of your bars

While it’s important to know your limits for your safety, it’s also important to know the bench’s capability as well. If your bench is unable to hold the total accumulated weight of your bars and your body weight, it could damage the entire thing. It could lead to unwanted repairs and expenses.

4. Is It Enough To Suit You?

is it enough to suit you

Usually, people who are over the height of 6ft have a hard time looking for a weight bench. It might be too short for them, hindering them from properly executing workouts and exercises.

Don’t be fooled by how it looks, always ask around for its dimension. If you already have an old one, you may use it as your reference to find a better and newer model.

5. Check Out Its Portability

the total accumulated weight of your bars

There are benches which offer portability while there are those which are better off staying in one place. What are your future plans? Is this for your home gym setup? Or are you going to keep on moving from one place to another?

If you’re looking for something which can be folded under your bed, there’s a good number of them too (you may read our weight bench reviews down below.) However, if you decide on going heavy-duty ones, it’s already pre-assembled. It’s fitting for holding up in one place, like in your personal workout room.

6. Do You Care About Its Appearance?

weght bench appearance

Well, we do. But there are people who are after functionality and performance rather than by its aesthetics alone. Some lifters fancy using traditional looking benches, while there are others who are after a much more futuristic vibe.

There are no such things as a better choice. But purchasing something that doesn't look half as bad wouldn't hurt. After all, you're going to spend a lot of time with it for the upcoming years.

And finally…

7. Does It Have To Break The Bank?

budget weight bench

Okay, I know you're excited about getting a new weight bench, but don’t go overboard and spend a $700 bench. This is especially so when you only use it occasionally. Consider what your regular training program looks like.

On the other hand, don’t be stingy and invest only in $100 for a weight bench. Most especially if you plan on hitting the weights on a daily basis, it’s going to be damaged easily.

Always remember: You get what you pay for. This does not only apply to other things, but it also has a justice when choosing the right weight bench.

You can always be wise enough and meet halfway. Check out the materials being used, it should be able to withstand the typical wear and tear.

Now, does it really have to break the bank? Actually, no. It doesn’t. I have reviews down below to help you out in finding a budget-friendly weight bench for you.

Reviewing 5 Best Weight Bench In The Market

1. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Via Amazon

When we say Bowflex, we already expect a lot from the well-known company of 20 years. It’s not much of a shocker when we found out they created a space-saving weight bench.

The reason why it has become such a great bench for portability is its removable leg-hold down brace. With the help of its feature, it does not only offer an incline position for working out your upper pecs. But it also gives you the convenience of a full-out declining workout.

This weight bench is able to give you a 17-degree decline. When talking about its incline feature, it offers up to a 90 degree. One way to look at this weight bench is its assembly procedure.

Luckily, this one doesn’t need tons of hours to figure out how it works. You’re able to get everything done within a matter of minutes. Of course, it boosts up your confidence with its warranty.

Going to the local gym and working out in your house tells no different. It gives you the same effects and feels of strength-building just like when you're at Gold's Gym.

The technology is being patented ensuring exclusivity in its creation. It provides a consistent flow in quality and its motion is being securely made.

Do you know what makes it REALLY impressive? It's what's being used. It uses SpiraFlex which is being maximized by the Astronauts themselves. This carries the same material as what’s being used at the International Space Station.


  • 6 Adjustable Position
  • Unique Technology
  • Portable
  • Incline and Decline


  • Plastic Smell

2. Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

Via Amazon

This bench offers the right amount of mixture of incline and decline. This lets you maximize the bench’s performance by giving you the optimum dumbbell workout experience.

For starters, you're given a whopping 12 positions to choose from. This can be the measure of 10 degrees when it comes to declines. As for the incline position, it can be adjusted up to 70 degrees.

The feature lets you enjoy a great workout session thru its versatility and effectiveness. It requires little time for assembly due to the help of its safety pins and bolts.

This is ideal for someone who wants a permanent station of a weight bench. If you want to place in an additional feature, this has a preacher curl which you can neatly add.

As for its exterior, it has a solid body being made. This is to ensure strength and durability. You’re given a distinctive design which offers innovation like no other.

If you want to up your game, this lets you perform even the most advanced workouts. Nothing is expected less from a company which almost has the same run time as BowFlex – over 20 years.


  • 12 Positions
  • High Quality Materials
  • Solid Exterior
  • Versatility Factor


  • Bench is too narrow

3. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670

Via Amazon

If your goal is to find a well-adjusted utility bench, you might have probably found what you’re looking for. Looking at how it’s made, this is able to give you a time of your life with your training – it lets you do basically almost any workout.

They have thought of this well. It comes with a back pad which allows you to perform a number of exercises. This includes incline, military, decline, and even go as far as pumping it up with flat presses.

It doesn't matter what your body size is. Unlike other weight benches, the seat is adjustable to meet your needs. It's made to last you a lifetime.

You can expect its powder-coated steel frame to make a normal workout, an intense and breathtaking session. If you keep on moving from one place to another, its built-in wheels for transportation gives you a lot of favors.

Of course, this comes in with a nifty handle grip to maximize mobility. Keeping the cleanup secured and easy, this lets you fold it flat after usage. It’s indeed a hassle-free experience.


  • Durable Frame
  • Easy Storage
  • Versatile Bench
  • Clean-up Free


  • Comes in with poor manuals

4. Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer

Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer

Via Amazon

If you're looking for something which encourages you to not only work on your upper body but your legs as well, this could be what you're looking for.

Go ahead and build up your chest muscles through various flat bench workouts. This helps you in building your ideal upper pectoral with your incline exercises.

To help you hit your goal of getting your training program, this comes with multiple adjustments to get you going. You're able to quickly change it as you desire. The product comes in with safety pull pins.

We would recommend this for lifters who fancy lifting 6-7 foot bars as this is made for the job.

Of course, its built-in leg curl makes you get some pretty good leg muscles while you’re at it.

It offers a lifelong powder-coated finish to fit your taste. Its frame is made out with sturdy frame materials to give you a vibe of high-quality metal.

In order to be fitting for almost space sizes, this has a fold-up design. Of course, it’s matched with the unit’s small footprint as well. You don’t have to worry about anything, you’re given a warranty to boot.


  • Leg Developer Attached
  • Ideal for Incline Workouts
  • Saves Space with Small Footprint
  • Sturdy Frame


  • No padding on the back rest

5. Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench

Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench

Via Amazon

If you’re particular with design, you should stop by and appreciate this beauty. It comes in with a modernized look, comparing it to the others on the list, its aesthetics shines.

At first glance, you’ll be able to notice how sturdy the build is. Not to mention, it’s at its prime when it comes to versatility. It’s able to offer up flat, incline, decline, and upright.

Not yet impressed? Well, check out its available 11 angles for positions. You’re able to adjust this to a degree which you are most comfortable. You have the following options to choose from: 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 degrees.

The answer behind its look is because of how Ironmaster coated it with a powder gray metallic frame. This wouldn't be complete without its chrome components.

Unlike Best Fitness Olympic Bench, this has a heavy duty pad. To provide satisfaction, it comes with vinyl upholstery. It makes a comfortable bench intended for its user’s liking.

As for its incline seat, this gives a comfortable time for everyone. You’re able to customize it up to 3 positions, making it available in different heights.


  • Modernized Look
  • Flexible Degrees
  • Metallic Frame
  • Comfortable Use


  • Add-ons are a bit costly

#Recommending The Best Product For YOU!

When it comes to choosing the best weight bench, hands down, it's Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench. Comparing to how it’s being made to the others, appearance-wise this takes the cake away.

It offers the users a comfortable time. Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer might be a good run. However, it comes with a lack of back padding.

Ironmaster has thought of creating a well-made bench that fits cozy and comfort at the same time. You’re allowed to perform various workout positions as well. Like, A LOT of workouts.

Not to mention the price is already an attractive feature, this will last you for a long time with its high-end frame.

Overall, if you plan on getting the best weight bench which will serve you for years. This is commended partner for you. I hope you enjoyed our weight bench reviews!


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