Bowflex Max Trainer vs TreadClimber Which One Is The Best?

We all know Bowflex. As a matter of fact, we love Bowflex for many reasons. Well, one of which is that it’s truly an awesome brand which has swept the market due to its products and services.

The only problem is that because of its track record, it’s pretty hard to pinpoint which one is better than the other.

Yep, you guessed it. Now, we’re pretty much stuck in the middle on the ongoing rivalry between bowflex max trainer vs treadclimber.

The reason why it’s so hard to tell which is better, it’s because they both came from the same company. We can pretty much derive it that both products are great. But it’s finally time to set them apart.

Let’s hit it!

The Max Trainer

Max Trainer

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At a glance, you can already see the striking similarities with Max Trainer and an elliptical machine. However, this one comes in with a twist. It also offers the same elements as that of a stair stepper.

One great thing about it is that it lets your body work in one great, fluid motion. Basically, all you have to do is push it with your legs while you use your arms to pull it.

After you’ve done the steady repetition, keep on going until you start sweating. It definitely sounds easy enough to do, but it still gives an awesome workout.

The TreadClimber


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Let’s move on to the TreadClimber. Although when it’s your first time seeing both of them, you might get the impression that they look the same. But its two stepping pads demands attention.

You’ll notice that it’s somewhat the same with what you see on a treadmill. However, the “climber” part of the word isn’t there for nothing. Every step you make has its own individual track.

The real challenge comes when each of the track elevates to give you a bit more incline and resistance to deal with.

Which One Is For You?

We know that the machines look spectacular. However, depending on who you are and what you want, it may vary. Here’s what we can do to tell you out:

TreadClimber Best Is For…

1. Casual Cardio People

If you’re goal is to have a nice cardio while watching the TV, then TreadClimber is for you. It makes it pretty convenient as you can check your phone while doing the workout. Basically, your hands are free with this equipment.

2. Treadmill Fanatics

Those who are used to using the treadmill and want a change of pace, this would do great for you. From a certain point of view, you can say that this is more innovative than what the ordinary treadmill has to offer.

Not to mention the workout is way harder get by. As a matter of fact, BowFlex has even stated that it gives you twice as much workout efficiency than that of a normal treadmill.

3. Leg and Glutes Gains

​For all the ladies out there who wants to train their legs to be sizzling hot, glute definition is something this is best suited for. This isn’t ideal for upper-body, but leg development is very apparent.

Max Trainer Is Best For…

1. Difficult Workout Sessions

This is able to give you a great time working out while keeping your hurt pimping. Now, it’s cool if you want to stay chill while exercising leisurely, but if you want to crank up the heat, this will give you a challenge of the lifetime.

I wouldn’t recommend people who would want to casually do cardio and text – your hands will be tied. But watching your favorite series is still an option due to its tablet holder.

2. Focused Sessions

There’s no time for you to be spacing out. All of your energy will be directed to one thing: your workout. Don’t worry, distractions aren’t a threat with this hardcore baby.

3. Whole Body Definition

I’ve mentioned before that TreadClimber doesn’t give you a whole body experience, but this one can. This lets you tone your muscle as you wish, and it does it evenly as well.

You can surely hit your goal – either you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Either way, the choice is yours.

What Are There Similarities?

We have officially separated the two. But we can’t deny the fact that they also have some similarities to share. Here are some of them:

cardio excercise at gym

1. Almost The Same Price Tag

If budget is an issue, this won’t be a problem here. You don’t have to choose one which you based it on your budget. There are models which you’re free to choose from. This is a must-get for everyone.

2. It Burns More Calories Than What’s Average

Considering that both came from BowFlex, setting a different atmosphere for the both of them is expected. For instance, with the Max Trainer, you’re given 3x better as any regular piece of equipment.

As for TreadClimber, BowFlex claims that it doubles the workout efficiency than any unbranded products.

3. Equally Great Features

If you haven’t tried using either of them, you’re probably going to say that they look normal. But boy, are you wrong with that one. When it comes to giving you convenience, both comes at an equal footing.

You get to have your space for your mobile devices, water bottles, and other gadgets as well. If you’re not comfortable with a certain position, you can easily adjust both of them.

And for the most part, unlike other brands, these two are pretty easy to assemble. It only takes a couple of minutes to get everything figured out.

In Conclusion: Which Is Better?

We have finally ended the article – well, almost. As to answer which one is better…it really depends on which one you fancy more.

I mean, we can say that they’re hardcore and of great quality. However, choosing one would mean if you have something which screams the real you.

I say, if you want to take it slow and cool, go for TreadClimber. On the other hand, Max Trainer is ideal for athletes and for who wants rigorous training for their breakfast.


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