The Best Bowflex Revolution Review In The Market

We can’t deny it – Bowflex is pretty amazing for a company which has served us a good number of years. I know how important getting a total body workout at home is (without breaking the bank) that’s why I came to the rescue with my Bowflex Revolution review! Spending hours on research, here’s what I found out!

1. What Are The Benefits of a Home Gym?

benefits home gym

Enrolling yourself to a gym might be the easiest option. However, it’s not for everyone. Not a lot of people have time to go to the gym in between work.

The thing about getting yourself a home gym is that it isn’t costly. As a matter of fact, it’s cheaper than the traditional home gyms.

Also, it gives you the choice of what you want – all, of course, is at the comfort of your own home. For instance, if you’re looking to cut weight, it’s here. Building muscle is also made possible in one all-around machine.

And get this, it can even let you go as far as do cardio in place. It basically is the overall home gym you’re looking for to keep you in shape.

2. You Can Do Variety of Exercises

a hundred excercises home gym

Let’s check it out with the traditional setup. Although it’s pretty cool, but you need to do a lot of shopping. This especially is the case as you have to purchase multiple units in order to perform various exercises for different body parts.

It lets you see that you don’t have to go through the trouble of buying units in order to fill the need of your exercise program.

At most, Bowflex Home Gym lets you do at least over a hundred exercises to keep up with your condition and mood.

3. New Technology

We all know that time is rapidly changing. That’s why it’s only natural to keep up with the times – even with your workouts. Bowflex is a special case, unlike other companies, it especially uses SpiraFlex Resistance Technology.

For those who aren’t aware of what is it is, it’s the same kind of technology that’s being utilized by the guys at the International Space Station. This means it completely gets rid of the need of having to use those bulky, heavy weight stacks.

As for how it works, we have the elastic straps being connected to the pivot coil. Once it’s been used, it automatically tightens its hold.

4. It’s Conveniently Compact

We all know how annoying it is to have a home gym which is space-consuming. If you have thought about setting up a traditional home gym before, you might have come across this concern as well.

The good news is that Bowflex Gym is pretty compact. If you’re renting an apartment, it can only take up so much space. If you want to put it numbers, usually it’s lesser than the average of 10’ by 10’.

Before we go on to the next section, it also gives you a smooth movement for a better time working out. However, it keeps the pace challenging for improvements.

Top 5 Bowflex Revolution Reviews To Look At

Via Amazon

We all love Bowflex, don’t we? But there’s something I particularly love even more – PR1000. Well, it’s a model from Bowflex and it works great.

If you’re looking for something which can lend you a hand with muscle training as well as cardio to burn off the extra belly fat, this could be what you’re looking for.

Honestly, I’m impressed that it can give over 30 different strength-related exercises. Let’s not forget its built-in rowing station for you to fully enjoy its features.

PR1000 really knows how to start a party – or a workout rather – this comes in with 210 pounds of pure rod power. Generally speaking, this lets you hit a couple of body parts to get you started.

It gives you a good run for your abdominal muscles, arms, chest, back, and shoulders. That’s not all though, it works your lower body a great deal as well. It’s a complete set for a home gym which makes it awesome.

Being specific, it comes in with triple-function hand grips. We all know we want to get our lat pull-down properly. Working on chest day? It comes in with a horizontal bench press to boot.

As for one of my favorite workouts – it has a 4-inch roller cushions. You got that right, it’s for the every famous leg extension and leg curl workouts.

In order to get everything maintained, its rowing rail can be nicely folded once you’re done with your session.


  • Full-Body Workout
  • Rowing Rail’s Foldable
  • 210lbs Rod Power
  • Rowing Station Available


  • Handles need to move to change workout

Via Amazon

If you’re one of the many people who aren’t into bodybuilding, but is interested in fitness in general, this is an ideal equipment for you. Bluntly put it, the price is pretty attractive as well.

It’s a wholesome body strength workout. Here’s something which caught my attention, there are no nasty cables to get around to in order to take a shift in sets.

When it comes to resistance, it’s similar to the prior product – PR1000 – it’s capable of handling at around 210 pounds. The lowest it can go is at 5lbs.

While they might come in as similar as PR1000, it outclasses it with the strength exercises it can pull off. If you’re the type of person who gets bored doing only a specific set of workout, then you’ll surely think highly of this baby.

It offers up 50 strength exercises. As usual, the vertical bench press isn’t a stranger to this equipment. It also includes a lat pull down as well.

PR3000 also comes in with an upholstered roller cushions. This is great for a comfortable experience with both leg extension and leg curl. Correspondingly, this has a triple function ankle cuff grips as well.

This can carry up to a 300-pound beast, which is quite impressive. If you’re leaning towards the heavier side, this something to check out.


  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Over 50 strength exercises
  • Full-Body Workout
  • No need for cables


  • Weird smell for the first few days

Via Amazon

Body-Solid has created an all-around workhorse. The price tag is a bit friendly, so it’s another plus points for me – considering this can train up to 3 users at a time.

EXM3000LPS offers a solid steel construction. It’s able to withstand abuse for years. Not to mention the color combination keeps it classy all the while training.

This has a multi-press station. Impressively, they made it 3-in-1. Body-Solid has definitely taken time to think of this equipment thoroughly, it has fully adjustable pads for an awesome full-range exercise.

Working on legs is one of its admirable features. Both leg and calf press station has a special 2-bar linkage. If you’ve seen other models before, they lack in this nifty feature.Apparently, it isn’t just for the show, this gives you the assurance that you’re following the proper biomechanics. This has been especially for all users.

In addition to the feature above, it has a pillow block and ball bearings. This is to give you an edge when it comes to delivering precision alignment as well.

Also, it doesn’t fall short as it even gives you the benefit of a friction-free motion during workouts. Let’s get into the important details, it has a “Perfect” pec station to boot. It gives you dual overhead cams.

If that’s not enough to satisfy you, it comes in with 6 varieties of increment settings for every arm. The final result is an overall development of both pectoral and deltoid muscles.


  • Solid Construction
  • Caters 3 Users
  • Proper Alignment
  • Full-range Exercise


  • Installing it is difficult

Via Amazon

If you’re into putting maximum effort for your everyday grind, then this is a must-see for you. Looking at it right out of the box, it gives off a pretty classic vibe – remember those Arnold days? Yeah, that one.

It doesn’t fall short for any workout routine. Heck, the aesthetics is pretty grand as well considering they have incorporated both design and functionality into one awesome machine.

The designers are pretty cool to keep both things at bay. Personally, I like how they added some pretty nifty add-ons to boot. For instance, its ultra-guide linear bearings is a neat feature.

Also, it comes in with dual-function leg developer as well – because who doesn’t want to work on leg days? You get to enjoy its built-in press bar that has its sealed linear bearings to boot.

This particular model from Marcy Diamond has a special treat for you. It has a low pulley that has a foot rest. It means you get to perform row exercises! It’s a point bonus for the makers as it’s often neglected.

The smooth process which it offers is remarkable. All of the available pulley functions operate independently. It means each of its motion system calls for accuracy and precision.

While it’s a large machine, its design is made to be compact. Need a place to store up your plates? It has 6 Olympic weight plate storage to help you out. This lets you maintain order in your home despite having a large machine in the room.


  • Commercial Grade
  • Weight Plate Storage
  • Comfortable Design
  • Maintains Order at Home


  • Putting it together is time-consuming

Via Amazon

It looks advanced, which I find to be of great bonus. This baby right here can give you a total body workout. If you’re in a tight spot with budgeting, then this something you ought to see.

It took me a couple of hours to get everything done with my research. Still, I couldn’t get over how it comes in with workout solution which offers up to 70 exercises.

As expected, the machine has a Lat Tower to offer. In addition, you can give your legs a good workout with its built-in leg extension to boot.

Your abdominal muscle gets a good workout from doing crunches. As for everyone’s favorite exercise, this has a squat station which really gets you results. Let’s not forget about its 4-position lower pully as well.

This advanced model from Bowflex carries the company’s patented power rods. Putting it all together, it gives you resistance. Xtreme 2SE even gives you the same experience as working out with free weights.

On the condition that you don’t have to suffer joint point – it’s quite a common risk for free weights. This machine lets you hook either 1-4 of the power rod units.

Starting from the lightest, it’s at 5 pounds. Going to the highest, it’s at 210lbs of pure resistance. Do you think that it isn’t enough? Well, it can upgrade to carry up to 410 pounds of pure awesomeness.

There are other features as well. Like having the advantage of a no-change cable process, a seat which is ergonomically inclined, and lastly, it has ankle cuffs/hand grip.


  • Over 70 Strength Exercises
  • No-change Cable
  • Upgradable to 410lbs
  • Patented Power Rods
  • Risk-Free from Joint Point


  • Some parts are mislabeled

Helping You Out: Announcing The Winner!

You don’t have to deny – competition is pretty tough. Honestly, making this Bowflex Revolution Review article has taught me a lot of things. One of which is that Bowflex has some hard-hitting contenders.

However, I’ve made up my mind. The winner for this round is none other than – Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym. It really screams awesome as it’s able to give you over 70 workout exercises to enjoy.

Out of the list, this has more to offer. It’s also at an affordable price range as well. Honestly, this is better than Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym and Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym combined.

Here’s the thing, Bowflex Xtreme 2SE offers the exact same experience as working out with free weights – which we call agree is the best. Overall, from the Bowflex Revolution Review, this takes the cake.


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