Bowflex Vs PowerBlock That Which Adjustable Weight Is The Best?

I’ve been hitting the gym for about 4 years now, and so far, my gains have been doing particularly well. But there’s always this constant argument I hear over the locker-room on who’s the better brand – Bowflex vs Powerblock?

When I decided to take on a full-time job and move overseas, there isn’t much space in my new apartment. And going to the GYM is already out of the question (transportation is a hassle.)

I’m only left with one option: Adjustable weights. Now, which is better? I’m going to answer that in a few minutes!

1. Why Go For Adjustable Weights?

For the first few years of my weightlifting career, investing in adjustable weights never crossed my mind. Probably because my house is only a few blocks away from the neighborhood GYM.

Why Go For Adjustable Weights

However, when you’re in constant move, GYM accessibility becomes a problem. Most likely, storage space is the number one concern next to budget.

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing traditional dumbbells, but in the long run, it’s going to get expensive. To ensure that there’s muscle development, the need to purchase heavier ones is only essential.

Needless to say, durable dumbbells of high-quality is costly. Also, you’re eventually going to run out of room to keep them in place.

Luckily, adjustable dumbbells are the solution to all of the concerns above. It doesn’t take a lot of space, it guarantees maximum security, and it’s built with exceptional ergonomics.

The best part of these dumbbells is that it follows a unique mechanism which allows you to choose your preferred weight in an instant. You can say that it’s a wide-ranging gathering of old-style dumbbells in a single pair.

2. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex already has a reputation to uphold as it has been in the industry for a remarkable amount of time.

Continuing its groundbreaking discovery on high-end gym equipment, they have released their no.1 sought-after product, Bowflex SelectTech 552.

These dumbbells have the versatility to be customized from 5 to 52.5 pounds for each unit. Both of these dumbbells follow a 2.5 pounds in increments. Interestingly, this is what makes SelectTech 552 advantageous.

You’re able to use this pair for OVER 30 different workouts. Of course, this includes squats, flies, presses and raises, abs crunches, and extensions.

What I like about this pair is that it's quite easy to use. It comes with a built-in selection dial for weight customization. You'll notice that these are round steel plates.

3. PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock has been making a number of adjustable dumbbells carrying the similar rectangular design. It also retains the usual weight selection mechanism for all of its products.

PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells

Among all of its creation, PowerBlock Elite is the most popular. You’re able to control your desire weight from 5 to 50 pounds.

PowerBlock purposely made an exclusive block shape with its padded handle companion to prevent you from experiencing any wrist injuries.

Along with its convenient selector pin, it makes an awesome dumbbell for an instant weight change even when you’re performing dumbbell flies.

For your convenience, this can be lengthened to 70 or 90 or even 130lbs. This is assuming that you’ll get the extension.

Just like with Bowflex, it increments is precisely 2.5 pounds. You’re given a variety of sets; specifically, about 18 sets or 36 separate dumbbells. With its wide range options, there’s enough weight selection for most lifters.

4. Which Is The Better Adjustable Dumbbell?

Which Is The Better Adjustable Dumbbell

We’ve finally discussed each of the dumbbell’s important characteristics, and while both of them make a good adjustable dumbbell where you can neatly place under your bed, one must exceed the other.

  • Weight Modification.

    For both of these dumbbells, it only takes a number of seconds to get your preferred weight. The weight selector pin can easily be comprehended.

    However, when it comes to simplicity, Bowflex is the way to go. PowerBlock dumbbells are more complicated than the needed quick turn of a dial by Bowflex.
  • Dumbbell size.

    Without a doubt, PowerBlock dumbbells are more compact than Bowflex dumbbells.

    Honestly, I find it Bowflex to be wider than necessary. It gets in a way when performing specific workouts. On the other hand, PowerBlock’s size makes it a convenient asset for heavier workouts.
  • Design and Ergonomics.

    If you prefer weird and unusual designs, PowerBlock is the answer. No one’s really familiar with its rectangular shape unless you’ve used them beforehand.

    Although it’s not really a major concern as its weight adjustment feature performs exceptionally well, but its overall appearance has caused people to go after its round-look counterpart, Bowflex.

    In my personal experience, having larger hands and wrists would be a nuisance with PowerBlock. The pillars which surround the dumbbell's handles often gets in the way with your wrist movement.
  • Clanking Sound.

    I’ve tried them both, but it seems Bowflex metal plates delivers a smoother lift-off. There’s no unwanted ringing coming from the plates.

    On the contrary, coming from PowerBlock’s unique design, there’s an evident sound of rattling when lifting. Its weight brackets aren’t fixed in place so they tend to freely clash from time to time.
  • Warranty.

    PowerBlock’s warranty is quite impressive, it offers a whopping 10-year warranty for your adjustable dumbbells. On the other hand, Bowflex dumbbells guarantee a 3-year warranty for SelectTech552.

    Not satisfied? Check out this quick and informative video to help you out!

#Wrapping It Up

It’s been a rough fight, choosing between these two most well-known brands for adjustable dumbbells.

In fairness, they both are outstanding dumbbells, but just like how each carries an equivalent amount of Pros and Cons, every lifter has their own personal preferences.

If you’re hoping to save a couple of bucks, PowerBlock dumbbells are sold at a price slightly below Bowflex dumbbells. And its warranty isn’t something to joke around with it, too.

But Bowflex gives something which PowerBlock fails to offer – Design and Ergonomics. At this point, it’s already clear on who the winner is.

A comfortable design and user-friendly dial are what makes the best adjustable dumbbell. You know what they say, the best things in life aren't cheap.


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