Does Anytime Fitness Have Childcare That You need To Know?

Anytime Fitness is taking the world with its high-end equipment and professional trainers. It’s a well-known establishment in the recent years. And once you have tried their services, you’re bound to want more of what they can offer.

Now, as a parent of one beautiful child, I always want the best for my kid. Spending time with her is really important. But let’s face it, as a parent, there are certain things which we aren’t able to control.

Like, going to the gym for instance. We can’t control our kid’s action while within the gym floor. As a person who has subscribed to Anytime Fitness, we all have one question: Does Anytime Fitness Have Childcare?

What Is Anytime Fitness?

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Okay, for the lovely peeps who are new to the industry, let’s learn about Anytime Fitness. It’s your one-stop place to get you kicking with your new healthy lifestyle. The reason why it has become a popular choice for everyone is because of its freebies.

The company has been around long enough to support itself. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of franchises around the globe. As one of their perks, if you become a member of their team, you’ll receive a personalized Get Started Plan.

They have staff which has been specially trained in the field to help you out in your journey. They don’t give up until you’ve hit your goal and have met your needs.

The place isn’t just any ordinary gym. For the most part, this has a lot of things to offer. This includes a personal training program and classes. They have been prepared with the right tools to achieve your goals.

If you’re wondering how far they have reached – well, you’re in for a shock. This gives you a 24/7 access to the ideal fitness center for you. This has 3,000 locations globally. If you become a member of Anytime Fitness, it literally means what its name stands for Anytime Fitness.

Lastly, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill gym where you work out and go. This lets you have an open community where fitness is a common goal for the people. This will help you achieve your goal faster.

Does Anytime Fitness Have Childcare?

Short answer: No. I know, it’s quite surprising. Especially if you’re going to consider that this is one of the most popular gyms on the planet. And they don’t have any child care services – that’s just absurd! Or is it?

Before I feed you guys with some knowledge on the topic, Anytime Fitness does not have any plans of adding in Childcare as one of their services anytime soon. Don’t worry, it comes with a reason.

Anytime Fitness has a different vision. The company has been created in order to achieve health and fitness ideals. Anytime Fitness believes that it’s going to be a challenge if there are kids in the gym.

The thing is, parents won’t be able to concentrate on their workouts as their minds are elsewhere. It only makes gym time a waste of resources as you’re not using it to its full potential.

There Are Other Gyms Who Doesn’t Have Childcare

other gyms who doesnt have childcare

Apparently, it’s not only Anytime Fitness who doesn’t offer in the popular category. There are a lot of gym owners who doesn’t want to add it as part of their service anytime soon.

In fact, there are rules which prohibit children from entering the room as well. They have a strong belief that it’s a source of distraction and doesn’t promote any benefits.

In addition, it has been considered as a personal time for mothers to be alone. Yes, moms are awesome, but there are just certain days where they want to hit the towel alone.

If the gym doesn’t offer childcare, it lets moms take the initiative of letting someone take care of their baby. To someone they trust, of course. In this case, the mom enjoys her “me time” while other family members get to bond with the youngest member of the family.

It’s Different For Every Gym

trainer and two little girls

I’ve mentioned how most owners would want to avoid the hassle of having children in their gym. But that’s not the only reason as well. You see, there aren’t a lot of people who go to the gym and ask for childcare services.

This has led for owners to think that it’s not a wise decision to add that feature. It’s just another company expense. However, not all gyms only offer adults-only facility.

Different people controlling the gym would mean different policies. There are gyms which offer childcare, but it comes with an extra charge. There might be a specialized place for them where there are toys and fences to keep them space.

But there are also gyms which offer it for free. Others even have trained professionals for the job. As a matter of fact, they have their own programs for the little kiddies.

A piece of advice, not all of the gyms are sparkling clean. So it’s important to check the place out before leaving your child.

Childcare Centers Aren’t Always Regulated

Surprisingly, it’s not. Like I said, different places mean a different law. Let’s take for example the well-known place, New York.

Apparently, any short-term care facilitates aren’t affected by the state’s jurisdiction. So there’s a certain policy that only programs which exceed 3 hours a day are considered to be regulated.

In addition, there’s no such thing as specific regulations. Remember, each state carries different requirements. It means the difference is too broad to settle it once and for all.

Wrapping It Up: Final Say

There you go – we have finally answered one of the questions most parents keep on asking. Sure, your child is a bundle of joy, but bringing them to the gym isn’t such a good idea.

There are heavyweights and different obstacles for your child to handle. Regardless of what Anytime Fitness thinks, the company is only looking out for its clients.

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