Does The Sauna Burn Calories That You Need To Know?

If you’re going to ask me what would sound heaven to my ears, it would be burning calories in a sauna. Honestly, if this was the case, most of the people would no longer be at the gym – I know that my gym time would be cut in half.

Unfortunately, not a lot of information is being posted on the internet. Heck, I’ve even read that you can simply burn a total of 300-1000 calories just by sitting in a sauna.

But are their claims the real deal? Remember: Burning 14 calories per minute while busting your ass on a treadmill is already hard to keep up. How the hell would it be possible to burn that much just by sweating? Let’s answer the famous question – Does The Sauna Burn Calories?

Relaxation and Stress Relief

relaxation and stress relief in sauna

There are different reasons why people go for the sauna. Interestingly enough, not a lot of people do it just for the purpose of losing weight. The reason why people bother is for relaxation and stress relief – well, you can say that it’s two of the most significant benefits you can get.

If you happen to be hitting the gym or doing sports, chances are that your joints aren’t in great condition. This is especially so if you have been straining yourself during your workout session.

Now, you don’t have to fret, going to the sauna is one of the best ways where you can relieve your aching joints. The high team temperatures work to keep your body calm and relax your muscles.

The sauna has been designed in a way to provide a serene, enclosed environment. It means this is the place where you can let your mind take it easy from your hectic life schedules and demands. This helps in preventing anxiety and being overwhelmed by tasks.

Calories Burned

calories burned in sauna

Can you actually burn calories while you’re in a sauna? The answer is yes. But I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear the short answer. There isn’t any solid number of calories burned, it depends from one person to another.

So yes, it isn’t any different from doing any other exercises – it’ll mostly depend on your weight, size, sex, and much more. But there’s an equation which you can use to get a rough estimation of the calories burned while sitting.

You need to find out how many calories you’re burning just by sitting for every 30 minutes, it should specifically be to your bodyweight. After which, you multiply it by 1.5, and that’s how you get the number.

Let me draw you a picture: If there’s a healthy guy who weighs at an average 185 pounds, then that person burns 42 calories by sitting down for every 30 minutes. Finding out how many calories he’ll most likely burn at the sauna, we multiply it by 1.5 to get an answer.

In any case, he has an estimated 63-84 calories burned for every half an hour – now, that’s a huge gap from the rumored 300 calories estimate, right?

However, there are other factors which could affect the result. You also have to consider the temperature that’s set in the sauna to find out the burned calories.

Can You Lose Weight In The Sauna?

you can lose weight in sauna

You know how it goes, if you’re burning calories, eating healthier choices of foods, then you’ll be losing weight. That means if you happen to fancy sitting in a sauna room, and you’re serious about your diet, then you’ll be losing weight.

However, you’re not building any muscles at all. And while you’re losing weight, it doesn’t mean you’re burning any substantial calories, you’re only losing water weight – that explains all of the sweat.

Also, you need to be mindful of your body. Since you’re sweating at a significant rate, there’s a high risk of dehydration. You need to drink liters of water to keep yourself in check.

If not, consequences are grave. In addition, being dehydrated only makes your body harder to lose weight in the future. With that being said, it’s highly advisable to pay attention to your body.

Here’s the thing, if you’re only in it for weight loss, then don’t do it. Even if you’re only doing it for temporary situations.

For instance, there might be a ball at your school or an office event you have to go through, and you need to squeeze into your chosen dress.

Sure, you might drop some few pounds, but it doesn’t mean you’ll look good in it. As a matter of fact, you might look terrible, this is especially the case if you haven’t rehydrated your body yet.

Revealing The Truth

best way do workout session

Now that everything has been all said and done, you’re frankly better without the help of the Sauna to lose weight. If your objective is to lose weight, then there are better ways where you can do it safely and effectively.

Go for real exercise, where you can bust your ass out. This lets you generate an ideal temperature regulation for your body as it boosts your metabolism.

Once you have pushed yourself to the limits, this will let your muscles work together, while your heart rate is getting pumped. In other words, you’re burning a lot more calories than just by secluding yourself in a sauna room.

Enjoying a sauna session from time to time isn’t a bad thing as long as it’s observed in moderation. Of course, there must be an approval from your doctor.

If your doctor gave you his green light, then it’s actually a grand addition to your routine. You can even consider it as a reward for yourself after one solid workout session.

Wrapping It Up

We’ve finally come to a conclusion – sauna is great for other benefits, but it isn’t an ideal way to lose weight and burn calories.

We have busted the myths that have been circulating around the internet and learned the truth. Share this with your friends and family so that they’ll be informed as well. If you have any questions, comment down below!


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