How Many Sets For Biceps That You Need To Know When Working Out?

If it isn’t chest day that you’re excited about, then it’s most likely looking forward to giving our biceps a good workout. Okay, you need to admit, having well-defined biceps have its own advantages for the physical appeal.

Basically, biceps are known to be what lies along the front of your arm. Without it, bending your elbow so you could raise your arm would be impossible. In addition, if you enhance the strength of this particular muscle tissue, then you’ll be able to execute rigorous daily activities better.

Do you want to lift carrying groceries with only one trip? Then let’s find out how many sets for biceps when working out you must perform.

General Fitness Recommendations

general fitness sets of biceps

First thing’s first, let’s check out the situation in general. It has been stated by the professionals at American College of Sports Medicine that a person is able to improve one’s physical growth by working out twice or thrice per week.

Specifically, you need to train each muscle group that much every week to get your desired result. Of course, this shouldn’t be done consecutively as your goal is to build the best body as imaginable.

Naturally, if you follow an unbalanced program, then it wouldn’t do any good to your overall muscle development.

So, how many sets for biceps when working out? Well, it has been said that you should do at least 1 set of around 8-12 reps. Basing it on a particular exercise, that is.

If you want, you’re free to use resistance if you must. For example, if you fancy using free weights, then you can do so. Personally, I get creative and use a bumper plate to aid my workouts.T

There are others who would go using for a biceps curl machine or an exercise tube. While it’s true that it only makes the workout harder, but it gives you the guarantee that you’ll be performing your workouts with on point form and technique.

Improving Strength

improving strength sets of biceps

You know how muscular strength is, it’s the external force that lets a particular muscle is able to produce. Putting that in mind, if you want to enhance your biceps to become stronger, then you need to upgrade your workout game.

In other words, you have to give it your all. Beat your personal record by lifting heavier weights and performing more reps than usual.

The results will be favorable to you as your muscles are being developed in the process as you own heavier weights. I would recommend Bowflex revolution to help you out in that area.

Here’s where the fun stuff starts, if you want to become stronger, then you have to twist some things. Ideally, you need to execute at least 2 or 6 sets for every exercise if you have in stored for biceps.

In addition, take in mind you don’t want to push yourself too much as you don’t want to let your muscle mass get eaten. Do not perform more than six repetitions for every set.

Contain your excitement and don’t go overboard during your first few tries, just make sure you have rested enough before taking on another set. This will allow you to remain consistent with your workout.

You should rest for around two to five mins in between your workout sets. Moreover, as you end with a set, you increase the weight with the next one to make it harder for you, especially if you’re able to perform 6 reps or more.

If you want to follow this strength-training method, it should only be done once a week. Doing it more than the recommended number would only bring trouble. Leave the weight bench for a while.

Gaining Muscle Size

gaining muscle size

You know that it’s all about bringing the big guns, right? Now, if you want to achieve getting the guns out, then you need to go for muscular hypertrophy training.

Okay, for those who aren’t sure what it is yet – allow me to explain. Technically, this is the term used for when you’re trying to enlarge your muscles through strict, rigorous training procedures.

So yes, the process isn’t all sunshine and butterflies. As you can see, bodybuilders are awesome enough to be one of the most common groups of athletes that achieve their incredible muscle size thru this method.

How many sets for biceps are we talking about? Well, this comes in at around three to six. As for the reps, you should maintain a consistent 12 repetitions for every set.

Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier, you need to have a break in between. You can take a breather for a couple of seconds (30 to 90 seconds should be fine.) And each time you do another set, choose a heavier weight for more resistance.

Although everyone would want to see changes in their bicep’s size, this is quite a difficult feat to achieve. This is going to take time before you can start seeing results. Just make sure you keep it consistent, and you do this training once a week as well.

Improving Muscular Endurance

Let’s say you don’t want to get any bigger biceps (as you don’t fancy the look) nor do you want to become stronger, but you simply want to enhance your muscular endurance. Well, this is a faster method to achieve.

This is where you want to let your muscles contract over a period of time. Toning muscles without gaining size would be possible by doing twelve to twenty repetitions for every set. Unlike the other routine, this comes in with a shorter rest period.

Correspondingly, you don’t have to carry heavy weights. It should be lighter yet still challenging enough for to develop your endurance.

Wrapping It Up

Now that we have everything cleared up for you – it’s obvious that there’s no such thing a universal answer. This greatly depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

In any case, if you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!


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