How Much Are Quads That All Things You Need to Know?

As for the question of this process – how much are quads?

While there are a lot of people who are against leg day, I’m pretty much excited about it. Squats is my jam and that’s something that will never change. However, it’s not really everyone’s favorite piece of the pie.

Not being able to walk up the stairs after every leg day kind of sucks. When I first started getting serious about my workouts, I’ve noticed my butt has been growing. The only problem is my quads – they haven’t been growing properly.

I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one who has a problem with it. While glutes are important, there are just times where we need to show a little more love to our quads than anything.

Go and Do Squats!

do quads with friends

Squats are a man – and a woman’s – best-friend. It’s advisable to start off every leg workout with free-weight squats. Just for your information, this has been considered as the best thigh builder for fitness enthusiasts.

Disregarding the fact that it doesn’t solely focus on quads alone, its movement is rather significant in the aspect of building legs. In addition, there are specific ways where we’re able to get our quads involved.

There’s something I want to tell you though, it’s not a good idea to do it on a heel board. It doesn’t work your quads as much as you would like it to. The reason why is because it forces you to move slightly forward.

You don’t have to go overboard with the foot position. As a matter of fact, a shoulder-width stance is more than enough. Just make sure that it’s being shifted outwardly, it’ll help you get more powerful.

Do you want to spice things up? You can always experiment with your positioning. Move it a couple inches to change up a muscle-recruitment pattern.

Of course, I would encourage you to try on weights if you want to. It’s actually a great way to build up muscle. Go pyramiding to low-reps, it’ll beat your PR.

Compounding IS The Key

low foot for quads

There are certain exercises that come in as better than other workouts on the list when it comes to quads. You can try the machine hack squat – it’s the perfect movement. In any case, ensure that both of your feet are low on the machine’s platform.

Here’s the thing, low foot placement gets you a better workout for quads. In fact, placing it higher, it gives you the increase of degree for knee extension.

This means there’s no stress on your muscles, especially on your quads. Just remember to keep it low (your heels) when doing hack squats.

But if you have knee pain – or any kind for that matter – this isn’t a technique to use. This only offers unwanted stress on your knee and tissues.

For awesome results, do it for the first time around 6-8 sets. The reps per set should be at eight to ten. This is a great way to give you a boost in muscular development due to intensities.

Do It Partially!

mix quads with bar

I don’t know if you’re “that” kind of guy who randomly loads up heavy weights on the bar just to impress. Chances are, you can only descend a few inches. Although you may consider doing that as partial reps, that’s not how it goes.

Do you want my trick? You can mix it up with full squats and partial squats. This simple yet draining technique makes a solid component for quad build-up – that’s just our secret, do it now!

Before anything, I want to tell you how partial squats won’t give you any production. If anything, it’s counterproductive. When you do this, the muscle groups stress themselves more the deeper you go.

In addition, both of you thighs should be parallel with the ground. This will give you the guarantee that your posterior muscles are being put to work.

When you do this technique, it builds your quads to an impressive size. Because you’re doing partial squats, it restricts you from covering a full motion. This gives you the strength – loading up more weight, it is!

If you want my advice, loading up at least 30% more than your usual will give you the ideal weight for partial squats. Don’t go overboard, only do this at six reps per set.

Resting? Go Hit The Gym Tomorrow!

resting after full workout

This actually is a great strategy. As a matter of fact, I follow it all the time (since the discovery). If you’re resting on a Wednesday, it’d be best for you to do legs the following day.

Here’s the logic for this process, since you’ve been resting for a good one day, you are basically up for the challenge. This also gives your glycogen stores in full level – assuming you’re practicing good nutrition as well.

You generally have more energy to push it to the limits. Resting after consecutive gym sessions is the ultimate key to success.

Find a Partner

find a partner for full workout

Pushing yourself to the limits might be a good a call if you’re doing chest day. However, it’s a different story when it comes to legs. Always find a partner which can spot and support you at your heaviest weights.

This is to ensure that your form isn’t being compromised as you do so. Let me help you out a bit with different techniques:

  • Forced Reps - Your gym buddy lends you a hand when you’re at your limit. It lets you do a few more before finally giving in.
  • Drop sets – Once you feel like you’re at your limit, drop the weights so you can continue doing reps. This is especially recommended for leg extensions.

Build Up Your Massive Quads NOW!

We’re finally at the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed my short – yet informational – blog on How Much Are Quads. It might be difficult, but once you’ve got the show started, it’s actually pretty easy.

Remember to follow these tips and techniques to get your quads to work. If you liked the post, remember to share with your friends and family!


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