How Much Dextrose Post Workout? This Basic Knowledge You Need To Know

I know how you feel. You’ve been hitting the gym for a couple of months now and found that post-workout drinks aren’t worth the hype. You might want to utilize your time and muscles better for building muscles.

Okay, so we know that popular post-workout drinks are able to repair your muscle. But let’s get out of the box and think differently. So, how much dextrose post workout? Tune in to find out!

I’m New To This: What Is This?

dextrose is also being known as glucose

Let’s start by defining the terms first. Dextrose is also being known as glucose. This component comes in with high GI or glycemic index. It’s basically an absorbing kind of a simple carbohydrate.

Due to the fact that bodybuilders and athletes are always finding ways to pump up their game, it has been used by professionals and aspiring enthusiasts.

Their purpose is to induce an insulin spike. Also, it replaces glycogen as well as you lose them right after training.

Glycemic Index

glycemic index post workout

It has a pretty unique role in the body. And honestly, it’s pretty easy to understand. It works to measure the rate of carbs. Typically, the carbohydrates which go inside to our bloodstream.

This is what every gym rat is after. The rule is the higher your glycemic index the carbohydrates, the better it is. It’s pretty much faster now to be absorbed.

Connecting it to the matter of Dextrose, it comes in with an impressive GI, which makes a great post-workout more than what the community gives it credit for.

Insulin Spike and Dextrose

insulin spike and dextrose triglycerides

Once the carbohydrates are finally considered as glucose in the blood streams, it has now two destinies. You can move and turn them into fuel or energy. Or it can either be stored in your fat cells. When this happens, it’ll be called as triglycerides.

Also, when everything is working properly, the glucose which is chilling in your body will work as a signal. While it does its thing, the body starts to stimulate in order to release a carrier hormone insulin.

The importance of it is that it’ll be able to pinpoint where exactly should it be placed. The glucose of the blood, that is.

This actually adds on to the list as to why Dextrose is awesome. It’s able to immediately stimulate high insulin like it’s nothing.Just go give you details on the matter, insulin is a sweet anabolic hormone. I do want to clarify that its magic does not only take into effect from glucose to muscle cells.

It’s important to know that it’s the same thing with other proteins, amino acids, and essential nutrients.

Endurance Training Effect

Another thing that bodybuilders and athletes are forgetting – it’s not only for muscle building. Sure, I know we’re all about the gains. But sometimes we have to take into consideration other aspects as well.

If you’ve been wanting to be able to endure more climbs, hits and reps, then dextrose can actually be your guy. By the way, a lower dose would do the trick. It should be taken before and during the session.

In addition, the estimation of water should be around 20-35oz just to get the right amount of measurement here. Don’t forget to take at least a suitable amount of sodium, it’s important to do so if you plan on drinking this much fluid into your system.

What Will I Get Out Of It?

By now, you might already know that you’re getting a lot. I’ve mentioned a couple of times before that it gives you both resistance and endurance.

Correspondingly, this is actually pretty good for packing on some weight while helping you get ripped. Honestly, this is better than buying any sports energy drink.

There’s another thing that you’re going to get out of it. If you’ve tried walking past through stores, you’ll find that there are loads of products being lined up.

Yeah, they’re being categorized by different things. Like, colors, shapes, and even sizes. However, it gets down to confusion as all of the brands claim that they’re the best – say what?

As what I’ve explained, dextrose is relatively simple. Its components are pretty much real. In the long run, it gives off the best price to offer. The reason why is that it doesn’t hold any of the hype which other brands have.

With that being said, it comes in with a really cheap price. Heck, one tub can even last you for months (at only $20 bucks) without any concerns. It’s a total plus as it breaks it down to what it really is with proven effects.

So, How Much Do I Need To Take?

how much do i need to take

Too much of everything is bad for your health. It’s not really surprising that taking too much of GI carbs isn’t the brightest idea to date. If you don’t move as much, instead of being converted into energy, they will become fat.

It offers way too much energy, sometimes it’s more than what your body needs. But of course, there are advantages of taking it directly right after the session.

Let’s refer it to the studies. What we need basically to induce and an insulin spike is at around 60 grams. However, this can be maxed up to 75 grams.

And because I want to share the love to all of you guys, don’t forget to add in creatine, whey, and glutamine. Trust me, it will make the experience better.

It’s able to utilize its true potential together with these nutrients as it’s able to push them quickly into your muscle cells.

Use The Power Of Dextrose TODAY!

I don’t see any problems with this one. If budget is the concern, there’s nothing expensive with spending a little over 20 bucks, right? As a matter of fact, it has everything covered for you.

My motivation for this article is to spread the love of being wise with our gym supplements. If you liked this post and want to share the love in the community, don’t forget to hit the like button and share!


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