How Often Should I Go To The Gym To Lose Weight?

“How often should I go to the gym?” – It’s probably one of the most famous questions ever, especially for newbies. If you’ve just started out, you want to know everything about the gym: How it works, what’s the accurate programs, and how long should you be staying there.

However, you may not get any “uniform” answers anytime soon. To lose weight at the gym, there are several factors. While one is certainly the frequency of how often you go to the gym, it’s definitely the only factor.

just go to the gym

Yes, there’s a lot to consider. Like, what kind of food you usually eat, what’s your training program, your age, the intensity of your training, and much more.

It has been stated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that in order to lose weight, one must work out or train for around 60-90 minutes. Let’s check the factors down below:

Counting Calories

counting calories

Let’s be frank here, it doesn’t matter if you go to the gym 7 days a week if your diet sucks. Well, do you think you’d shed off all of your extra weight if you’re constantly munching on a McDonald’s burger on a daily basis? Well, no. You won’t be.

That’s why you should think about how much calories you’re consuming in one day. For starters, if you want to lose a pound (just chill, we all have to start from somewhere) you need to kill off at least 3,500 calories.

Now, that’s not really possible to do in one day – for an average Joe, at least. But you can successfully burn it off through patience and dedication. If you cut off at least 500 calories from your usual number, you’ll be at best, lose 1 pound every week.

The basic rule is simple: Just eat less and workout more. Mayo Clinic has said that it’s important to have an active lifestyle. With that being said, going to the gym 5 days every week would lead you to lose the significant amount of weight in time. Of course, you’re also improving your overall health as well.

Recommended Exercise Time

excercise time

You may already know that if you’re going to put in more on losing weight, you’ll succeed. This fact has been backed up by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just do your training most days of the week, and you’ll do awesome!

Apparently, doing a moderate aerobic activity is enough. For instance, brisk walking every morning is highly effective. CDC suggested to the peeps who are really dedicated to doing at least a total of 150 mins brisk walking every week. Also, you need to engage in strength-training from time to time – twice a week should do.

But if you think that it’s too easy, and you have time to spare, try increasing it to 300 minutes every week. Over time, you’ll get used to it, and you can efficiently increase the number of minutes if you want to.

Don’t Go Overboard

excercise time trainer

If your idea of losing weight is doing some intense training in order to succeed, it’s not always the case. If you aren’t in a rush, that is. It means you don’t have to go overboard with your training, you’ll eventually hit your goal.

Here’s another fun fact by May Clinic: You can go 10 minutes workouts throughout the day. Let’s say, you’re going to do three 10-minute workouts, it’ll still give you satisfactory outcome.

Consistently is always the key to success. If you want to step up the game, then doing a 150-minute cardio exercise (brisk walking) won’t cut out for you. Especially if you’re running low on time.

Don’t worry though, just do a 10-minute fast-paced workout, and you’ll be burning as much calories as the boring, 150-minute brisk walking.Having not enough time isn’t an excuse.

You can easily slide in a quick 10-minute workout in between the preparation for work and making meals. Or make it a habit of doing a cardio workout after work to keep you alive and kicking – there are countless of ways.

Muscle-Strengthening Activities

muscle strengthening activities

I know I have talked about the importance of doing aerobic exercises, but strength-training is important as well.Seriously, if your workout regime only involves you running on a treadmill every single time, you’re going to miss working your major muscle groups.

Your legs, hips, abs, chest, arms, back, and shoulders need love as well. If you’re going to properly train these body parts alongside your daily cardio sessions, you’ll be in perfect shape.

Go get a gym membership – ask around how the free weight works. Explore working out your muscle groups with dumbbells, barbells, or even weight machines.

There are certain exercises which do not need equipment, you can go for situps or pushups if that’s your taste. Again, there are no specific rules on how long the workout should go on.

However, if you want to hear it from the professionals, CDC has stated that doing at least a set per activity should be enough. In addition, each set should be done with a minimum of 8 reps and a maximum of 12.

If that doesn’t challenge you, reach for an additional 1 or two sets. This is a highly effective program which has been followed by enthusiasts worldwide.

Lastly, there’s a recommendation by The American Heart Association that if you do decide on going for strength-training, there should be at least one rest day in between your training days.

Wrapping It Up: Start Doing Your Regime!

Alas – we’re finally done with the article. So, How Often Should I Go To The Gym To Lose Weight? Well, the answer is most days of the week.

But remember that we have a lot of things to consider, it’s a useless attempt to lose weight if you’re not balancing your diet properly. And also, aerobic exercises are good, but it would be even better with strength-training programs.

In any case, losing weight is certainly easy with patience and dedication. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family!


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