How To Flex Your Abs In 3 Easy Ways?

Flexing your abs might be one of the things that most people do, especially when taking a photo. Now, I’m not only referring to the gym rats – even normal people want to look their best for their Instagram pictures.

But there’s more to it than just getting a perfect picture to flaunt with your friends. As a matter of fact, the other benefit you’re getting by just engaging your abdominal muscles is so much more than what you think.

Generally, it builds a stronger core, and it even keeps you from injury. Let’s talk about how to flex your abs properly so you can enjoy the advantages,

Why Contract Your Abs?

why contract your abs

The first thing I want to tell you is that it isn’t an easy task. While people may assume that it’s one of the easiest practices to master, it’s far from that. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get it done right.

If you’re going to do it intentionally for the first time, it’s going to take a lot of practice to master. You can say it’s quite similar to playing a sport – abdominal contraction technique is going to get easier over time.

But other than what I’ve explained earlier, why bother to contract your abs? Interestingly enough, your abs play and important role for your core. Together with your lower back and oblique, they make the total midsection of your body.

This is rather crucial. People need to give more attention to their core as it works to help both of your upper body and lower body to synchronize. Thus, as a result, you’ll be performing the quality movement.

It means that your spine is well-supported. You don’t have to worry about having improper posture for when you’re walking or doing any other tasks. At the same time, you won’t be experiencing back pain and your chances of injury greatly reduce.

But it’s a different story if you haven’t trained your abs enough. Naturally, if your midsection is weak or relaxed, it doesn’t offer much support for your posture. There’s high-risk of attracting danger when you’re working out at the gym or performing various exercises.

One good example for this case is weightlifting. This sport requires you to keep your abdominals contracted throughout the sessions.

If you’re into doing squats or you keep on pushing yourself with heavy deadlifts, your back is going to pay consequences if you haven’t trained your abs enough.

In addition, athletes have it hard as well. Runners need to maintain a contracted abdominals when they’re sprinting. This comes as a safety measure for them as it keeps them away from lower back compression from the impact.

How To Flex Your Abs?

Step #1. Lie On The Floor

step 1 flex your abs

Here’s what you’re going to need: A mat. After that, you’re all good to go. You can either do it on an even floor or ground to do this. Make sure you’re comfortably placed on the ground.

Slowly bend your knees once you’ve confirmed your position. Both of your feet must be placed flat on the floor to maintain the correct position. Ideally, it should be hip-distance apart.

As for your arms, make sure that it has been extended alongside, and the position of the palms must be facing down.

Step #2. Press Your Lower Back

step 2 flex your abs

Upon completion of the first step, the next goal is to lift your pelvis up. But don’t overdo it, you want to see that it has been slightly lifted from the ground.

You can achieve this by pressing your lower back into the mat or to an even ground. Now, you just need to inhale deeply as you do so.

After you’ve inhaled, you need to exhale the air out. You don’t want to fasten up the exhaling process, you want it slowly done.

In the process, your belly is being emptied out with air. Also, you need your belly button to be pulled toward your spine. By doing so, you’re achieving the full contraction of your body’s midsection.

Step #3. Repeating The Process

step 3 flex your abs

You’re almost done with the steps. Going back to the procedure, you need to inhale to fill your belly with air.

This is different from filling your chest with air, you can do so by maintaining your abdominal contraction all the way through.

What you want to do is to suck air as much as humanly possible. Do this step while you’re keeping the contraction.

As for the last step, you’re free to keep on repeating the exercise as many times as you think that it’s necessary to master the routine.

Important Notes

how flex your abs important notes

The steps may seem easy enough to follow. However, there’s actually a tricky part. You can consider this routine as an exaggeration of the normal breathing when doing a workout.

The thing is, you can to breathe forcefully. But you don’t want it to be too forced as there’s a side effect you may face. Chances are, you might become lightheaded after completing several repetitions.

This is something which you don’t want to experience as it can be a danger to your well-being. Another word of advice is not to contract too much.

Preferably, your core must be slightly relaxed when doing the workout. If not, it refrains you from the natural movement. But don’t be too lax to release the contraction completely.

So yes, it’s going to take a time to fully control the contraction of your core. Experience to adjust the contraction when working out is necessary.

Closing It In: The Final say

Attaining a strong core and getting your perfect body might require work to achieve. However, it’s surely worth it at the end. Flexing your abs isn’t as easy as it sounds, but the benefits are worth the try.

Proper control and managing your strength while contracting your abs are tricky. But with enough time and repetitions, mastering it will become second nature.

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