Pre Workout Pros And Cons:The Best Way You Really Must To Know

Over the past years, the fitness industry has taken over the market. As a matter of fact, Forbes has even stated that the industry on supplements alone will hit a whopping $60 billion in 2021.

The power of supplementation has helped every fitness junkie attain their ideal body physique. For some people, it has become their partner-in-crime at the gym.

It’s an instant boost from feeling unenergetic to feeling like you just went full blast Incredible Hulk. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe.

After all, with every positive impact, there’s bound to have some pretty nasty side effects, right? Let’s find out the pre workout pros and cons!

What’s A Pre Workout?

what a pre workout

Let’s start with the basics – what the hell is a pre-workout? If you’ve just started out hitting the gym, you might have heard a couple of guys comparing pre-workout supplements.

Simply put, they have been made with various ingredients that synchronizes perfectly well together. Basically, the chosen ingredients are intended to increase your energy, endurance, strength, and even help in burning off body fat.

You can simply say they are your one-way ticket to keep you alive and motivated even through the worst days in life.

The Pre Workout Pros

caffein in pre workout pros

1. It’s more than just caffeine

Well, depending on what your ideal workout formula is, you can simply just drink pure caffeine. However, it’s not always the case with most products on the market.

Like I said earlier, most of the formula is a combination of several things – amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, and much more. They’re only an example of the common ingredients found in sports nutrition.

All of these awesome formulae in one single product.You’re getting way more than just caffeine. It gives your body the needed amino acids to build strength and repair muscles at the same time. It’s also essential as it keeps the balance of electrolytes in your system.

2. You’re alert

If you’re a fan of drinking coffee, then you know its marvelous effect of keeping you up throughout your filing paperwork at the office.

The thing is, pre-workout isn’t any different. It gives you the focus and it lets you remain alert when at the gym. Yes, even at after tiring day from work or school.

This isn’t all talk, it’s legit as it can be. Years ago, back in 2012, Nutrition & Metabolism even published an article that explained the wonders of pre-workout. It has been said that it offers a better reaction performance while constantly increasing energy. The best part is that it reduces fatigue as well.

3. You’re A Powerhouse

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just for bodybuilders. Most successful athletes have their own go-to supplement when they need a hand. But pre-workout supplement isn’t suggested just for ANY athlete.

This is most suitable for athletes whose sport required them to burst their energy out in short periods of time – for example, several seconds going up one whole minute.

These sports are using anaerobic energy systems. Or in layman term, it doesn’t need oxygen. There’s a shortcut ibn order to enhance your anaerobic peak power.

I wouldn’t call it a shortcut, but to train your body to get higher intensities, an intake of your trusted pre-workout supplement brand is the way to go. Okay, I know it sounds unbelievable, so don’t take my word for it.

As a matter of fact, take it from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Last year, 2016, there was a study being done regarding on the matter.

Apparently, athletes who trained accordingly and consumed a pre-workout, at least twenty minutes before the training, significantly improved their anaerobic peak power.

If you want to reach the stars and improve as an athlete, finding your partner-in-crime that complements your workout goals, is the way to go.

The Pre Workout Cons

pre workout cons

1. Harmful Ingredients

To make pre-workout sellable, manufacturers have to add in artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. Of course, they don’t want you to know that. You may know them as – caramel color and sucralose.

There are also harmful stimulants (most companies aren’t transparent with their ingredients.) They can either have yohimbe, synephrine, and dimethylamylamine – or you can just call it DMMA, often it’s being called as geranium extract.

These ingredients are REALLY harmful, to the extent that one of the ingredients was banned. Specifically, DMAA. The ban was back a couple years back, in 2013. The reason why it’s no longer allowed is that of constant reports of illness and death.

However, since manufacturers aren’t able to easily let it go, DMAA is still found online. When purchasing a pre-workout supplement, make sure that the brand is trusted. Your health could be in jeopardy.

2 Overstimulation

While most people would say that getting the jitters is a normal side-effect for beginners, our body can only take so much. Pre-workout supplements work to stimulate the nervous system.

But it varies from person to person, one limits that is. Once you have consumed too much pre-workout or your body isn’t prepared to take it all in, it has a nasty side effect.

This is when you feel a bit shaky, and have an evident tingly sensation. This isn’t a beautiful experience as your heart rate will start going berserk. If you’re someone who has a sensitive heart, then, by all means, consult to an expert first.

The same goes for people with a history of a heart condition, anxiety, and panic attacks. In addition, if your body isn’t able to take caffeine, trying out a strong pre-workout supplement is most likely not your cup of tea.

In order to confirm is it’s really for you or now, you can start consuming half of what the average serving size is. From there, you can feel the necessary signs from your body to either keep going or not.

Wrapping It Up

Pre workout supplements are amazing, but it’s not really surprising that it has some gruesome side-effects that come along with it. If you’re interested in starting consuming pre-workout, then it would be best to do a thorough research before anything.

In any case, if this article helped you, please share it with your friends and family as well. If you have any concerns, just comment down below.


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