Being Sleepy After Workout: Revealing The Truth

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself as a professional in the area or not – you have, at some point, felt sleepy after workout. And while your experiences with being sleepy might have lessened in the past few months, it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience it again.

This is a common occurrence for both pros and amateurs. However, the less-informed group are often the victim of exhaustion – I’m not even surprised if you’ve just finished your workout session and you feel drained. It’s time to bust the case and find out more about it.

It’s Completely Normal

In an ideal situation, this shouldn’t be happening to you. While we have different reasons for doing our workout routine, we have two common motivation: to be in shape and to feel good. But it’s quite alarming if the latter isn’t the result you’re getting.

On the other hand, you’re not alone. It’s basic knowledge that we use the calories from the food we eat as energy for our workout programs.

But if you pushed yourself to the limits, and the length and intensity of your exercises aren’t what your body is accustomed to, then you’ll be taxing your body. It’s going to need proper hydration, nutrients intake, and of course, a well-deserved rest for faster recovery.

Also, if you’ve just started doing a new exercise routine, then it’s fine. It’s going to take a couple of weeks for your body gets used to the new program. Once it has adjusted accordingly, you won’t feel sleepy any longer.

Although it’s a normal occurrence, it’d be best for you to consult a doctor if you have any health conditions that need to be taken note of. Just so we can be on the safe side.

Listen to Your Body

listen to your body

Your body is sending you signals every day – these messages can be either be both good and bad. This can often lead to major health problems if not taken seriously.

For example, if you only have the time to do your workout around once or twice every week, don’t punish yourself from getting exhausted right away.

Most newbies make the mistake of beating themselves when they finally have the time to include working out in their tight schedule, which shouldn’t be the case. Instead of physically draining yourself, pay attention to what your body is telling you.

You can get desirable results by keeping your time in check thru proper management. Don’t think about the calories burned when you’re working out because you’re already neglecting your health the moment you decide to workout in an unfavorable state.

Eat Before and After Your Workout

eat before and after workout

This is basic stuff, but there’s nothing clearer than the importance of treating yourself notorious foods before and after your workout session. This gives you the punch that you need to take on the day and get the best out of your system.

When I say “eat” I’m not referring to a full course meal. In other words, “snack” would be a better term. Fuel your body with a healthy snack an hour before hitting the gym to exercise.

Here’s the thing, if your plan for the day is to do high-intensity cardio session, then munch down carbohydrates (like a piece of toast). Of course, that’s assuming that you’ll complete the exercise before an hour.

But if your program dictates for you to go at it longer than sixty minutes, then carbohydrates that would entail longer digestion would be ideal for you, like a banana.

After you’ve done your workout – specifically, 30 minutes after – go grab your snack which has both protein and carbohydrates. This refuels your body with energy, thus lessening the chances of muscle fatigue.

The recommended post-workout snack would be yogurt with fruit. The neat combination of the two replenishes your glycogen stores that have been used when you were working out.

Drink As If Your Life Depended On It

drink as if your life depended on it

This can’t be even considered as an exaggeration – we all need water. When we’re busting our guts out at the gym, we sweat – hell, we sweat A LOT.

If you don’t provide your body with the needed fill of water after the workout, then there’s a huge chance that you might feel lethargic and dizzy.

But this shouldn’t only be done after you’ve worked out. You need to start giving yourself a boost of hydration three hours before you work out. You’re going to need around three cups of water within the allocated time.

Now, during the workout, you need to get your fill of a cup of water for every twenty minutes. And for the post-workout water intake, three cups of water would suffice.

Sleep Is Golden

sleep is golden

For young adults and adults, getting an eight-hour sleep is pretty hard to get by. But we all know that we tend to want to become the jack-of-all-trades type of person due to the demanding workload. If possible, don’t burn the candles at both ends.

Assuming you have a lot of things going on – keeping a day job, studying for exams, maybe partying here and there – then working out is impossible to maintain. You’re depriving yourself of sleep, and this keeps you from recharging.

Essentially, you need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day if you plan on taking your health seriously. This will get your charged up and ready with little chances of getting sleepy after workout.

In Conclusion

At the end of everything, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re experiencing sleepiness after the workout. However, it doesn’t mean you can just simply avoid it. It comes with long-term effects, and it won’t do your workout career any good.

Always remember to sleep and take a breather here and there if your body needs it. Pay attention to what your body is telling you, and fuel your system with the right kinds of food.

In any case, if you found this article useful then share it with your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to comment down below if you have any questions.


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