Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike That You Need To Know Which One Is The Best?

I'm pretty sure even if you aren't into GYM and fitness, you've tried used a stationary cycle. It's not a surprise, though. It has become popular over the recent years for many reasons.

Most of the reasons only link to one source: Weight loss. Honestly speaking, what brought me here is my initial desire to drop a few pounds. Hoping it would eventually lead to fitness.

Surprisingly, there are a number of bikes to choose from. The most argued debate is between Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike. I’ll talk it over to you guys in a bit.

Choose Stationery Cycles

The popularity of stationery cycles has swept the planet due to its compact footprint and minimal maintenance requirement. All of these are for the love of fitness. And of course, to be the next Channing Tatum.

Stationery Cycles

This type of cardio doesn't put pressure on your joints. Most of the other widespread aerobic training are jogging and athletic sports. They're good for the body, but your joints are being compensated due to the impact.

Luckily, the revolutionary existence of stationary cycles has been created. It gives you the chance to get your heart rate levels pump high without the risk of injuries. Let's not forget everything is accessible in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, if you’re overweight, finding the right exercise for your first run-through is a bit complicated. However, Cleveland Clinic has made a statement that biking is safe for anyone who’s overweight.

Technically speaking, someone who’s 50 pounds overweight. The pressure being placed is greatly reduced than compared to any other exercise. Yes, it’s even safer than walking itself.

Now that we’ve got that cleared. There are TWO types of stationery cycle. It’s the Spin Bike and Exercise Bike. I’m going to set it straight, there are actually two classifications of an Exercise Bike.

They are Recumbent Exercise Bikes and Upright Exercise Bike. We’ll learn more about them right after this section. Let’s start off with…

Spin Bikes

spin bikes

The groundbreaking discovery of a spin was in the ‘80s. People have been calling this as an “indoor cycling bike.” Extreme enthusiasts love this as it offers the same experience as what an outdoor bike offers.

Professional cyclists have been using this machine to help them out with their training. It gives them a bit of nudge especially when the weather isn’t favorable.

Also, a spinning type of bicycle is an excellent stationery cycle for people who are serious about their fitness. You basically do the same position as what you would do on an outdoor bike.

You have lean forward to the handlebars in order to complete the posture. Its design isn’t the only reason why it’s most loved by cyclists. But its pedals are what makes it appealing to them.

The transition couldn’t be completed without the heavy flywheel that’s situated at the front of it. The gears are being placed permanently. This means that it even if you have stopped the movement of the pedals, it still keeps moving. It’ll eventually start to slow down until it completely stops moving.

Looking at the spinning bike's crankshaft, it looks and feels sturdy. It's the exact replica of what you get on a real one. In this scenario, applying force to the flywheel may take a bit of effort.

One can say it’s the same with biking going uphill. It lets you add in leverage speed by standing up while you’re on the bike. It gives you enough force to sprint.

In terms of accessories, spinning bikes only offer limited choices. There are other units being sold which have a nifty water bottle holder. To keep up a good fight, it comes with a basic console as well.

It's quite advanced and is useful for keeping track of your distance, speed, and even your burned calories. If in case you want to follow a program, you can outsource ideas on the internet.

These are good bikes for some serious workout session, but I wouldn’t recommend these bikes for beginners. It might be too much for them to take.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

These bikes are quite comfortable. The seat is big and padded with a matching back support for your convenience. Unlike Spin bikes, the pedals have been placed right in front of you.

During the first few minutes of cycling, it can get a bit of uncomfortable. The reason why is because of how it’s being angled to your body. Once you get the feel to it, you’ll be able to get around with it.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes have a great seating arrangement. This is especially so for people who are suffering from back injuries. This gives them a chance to get a good workout despite the problem.

In terms of convenience, this is miles apart than Spin Bikes. It delivers a cutting-edge experience for cardiovascular workouts.

These bikes also offer workout training and programs. The best part is that it offers varieties so you could either intensify your workout session or slow it down.

For the most part, you’re able to get a good training out of it. However, it wouldn’t be as intense as what a spin bike could offer. It mainly focuses on your leg muscles alone.

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright Exercise Bike

Among the bikes on the list, this can be considered as the most popular. The seat is comparable to that of an outdoor bike. The handlebars are where the difference starts to show.

The bars are being set higher than regular bikes. Hence, it forces you to seat upright. Suitably, the seats are larger and give a bit more cushion than outdoor bikes.

When it comes to design and comfort, this is better. You don’t have to bend over when you’re paddling. It’s a hassle-free experience. The moment you let your feet stop push, the bike’s pedals stop as well.

Just like with Recumbent Bikes, you're able to keep track of your results and heart rate. It promoted hydration as there's an allocated water bottle for you.

It gives you the chance to listen to some killer workout music while you’re at it thanks to its speakers for your phone. Leisurely reading your favorite novel is possible as well.

You're being offered programs that are planned for beginners to athletes. This doesn't focus on your legs alone, it lets you tone your arms along with your abdominal muscles.

Bikes like these are easy to keep. They only require a small room of your home and carrying them is pretty easy. There are even units where you can fold it up after using.

Closing It In: Which One Is For You?

It all breaks down to what you need, basically. Are you after a hard, rigorous training to keep your heart levels pumping? Do you have a competition to win? Do you have experience? Are you REALLY serious?

If the answer is yes, you’ll most likely need to purchase Spin Bikes. However, if you’re in for a comfortable time biking while still hitting up a reasonable amount of cardio, exercise bikes are for you.

Personally, I’d go for an Upright Exercise Bike. I like how it not only strengthens your leg power, but it offers workouts for your arms and abs as well.


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