What Does Decline Bench Work? Finding To The Best Answer

If you an objective in your mind to get THE perfect body, then it’s only natural to have a lot of questions in your mind. One of the more popular questions is – what does decline bench work?

Well, considering the position when you’re doing the workout, it has the focus on giving your chest or pectoral a good workout. In addition to that, your triceps and anterior deltoid muscles are given a good beating.

But that’s not enough to satisfy your question, that’s why I’ve covered more information down below.

Decline Bench Press

decline bench press

If you’re working out using a decline bench press, it would be best to prevent any unwanted injuries during your exercise. One of the most common things to do is to secure a spotter. This will give you an edge as it saves you from the weight dropping down on you.

You need to sit on the bench, and you need to be mindful as you would want your knees and feet in proper form. They should be placed neatly on the padded supports while you like back.

After you have done that, you can count on the spotter if you’re pushing the weight a little too much just so you’re on the safe side. It should start with your elbows straight, make sure you’re in proper position as you don’t want accidents to transpire.

In order to get the breathing pattern down, slowly inhale as you bend your elbows lower. This will trigger the bar to go toward your chest. Specifically, to go bottom.

After which, you have to exhale as you revert the bar back to its original position. Chances are you have used up your juice, especially if it’s already the last rep of your last set, then you can ask a spotter to help you out in re-racking the bar.

Pectoralis Major

pectoralis major

Okay, so – what does decline bench work? For starters, it does a lot of good benefits to a number of muscle groups. For example, it greatly works out the major muscles in your body.

Of course, it includes the pectoralis major, the large group of muscles that can be found on your chest – if you’re wondering, they’ve been divided into two portions. These are the lower and upper head.

Let’s identify them both more clearly, you’ll find the upper portion being referred to as the clavicular head. Also, this part starts from the collarbone going up to the upper arm.

The lower portion is also a bit creative as well, this is the sternal head. In this part, this starts coming from the breastbone going up to the arm. The only difference between the two is their starting point.

There’s a reason why both heads are connected to your arms, this is for the purpose of drawing them going to your midline. Taking into consideration the angle of your arms, it originally focuses on the sternal head.

Now, if you want to make the most out of it, you can stop the weight bench at a certain angle (20 and 40 degrees, ideally) and it’ll give you one of the most effective workouts for your lower pecs.


what is the triceps

If you’re not a fan of working out your triceps brachii with a bumper plate, then you’ll be glad to know that triceps is another example of – “what does a decline bench work?”

You can say that triceps are what is found at the back of your upper arm. It takes a no-brainer to find out that the name has the definition of three heads. Now, the head, it comes connected to your shoulder blade.

On the other hand, the other two heads can be seen arising coming from the upper bone. These have been combined so that it could go behind the elbow joint. Correspondingly, it should be connected to the ulna. This is considered to be one of the bones of the ulna.

Triceps play an important role in how our body works as without it, straightening your elbow would have been impossible. Going up the extra mile, then take a narrow grip on your bench press as this will make it a more challenging workout for you.


Furthermore, you’ll also be pleased to know that your deltoid muscles are also being considered as one of the muscles. This baby is awesome as the deltoid has the coverage of your entire outer shoulder – yeah, it IS that awesome.

Its starting point starts from the collarbone going up to the ridge. This is located at the back of your shoulder blade, and you’re going to notice that its form tends to make three heads.

These heads are quite peculiar as they go into your upper arm bone. In other words, they insert into it. For the posterior read (as what you might have guessed, it’s the rear) it has the role of raising your arm going backward.

Of course, the middle is as important as they are – it’s called a medial head – and it gives you the power to lift your arms to the side. And lastly, anterior, putting the last one (the front) up, it has the role of raising your arms in front. Well, this is how you’re able to execute a decline bench press.

Wrapping It Up

We have finally answered your question – and it apparently works a lot of muscle group. If you want to make your workouts more interesting, then this is something you can do for yourself.

Not only is this doable for everyone (as long as you have a spotter in check) but you’re also hitting four birds with only one stone.

If you have any questions or clarifications on the article, please feel free to comment down below. Now, if you want more amazing tips, then be sure to read more about it on my other blog posts.

Just make sure that you’re executing the right form and position as to avoid injuries as well. Lastly, share it with your friends and family if you liked it!


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